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Aug 23, 2006 03:45 PM

Palm Springs/Palm Desert Help Please

My son is getting married in Palm Springs at the end of September. I don't know the area and will need to advise our friends who attend the wedding on places to eat in the area. May I have your recommendations for good "chowhoundy" low and moderately priced places? Thank you!

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  1. Hey Salesgirl, -- Palm Springs try Kaiser Grill- good happy hour drinks very resonable bar menu -- Grill a Burger full bar great juicy burgers both joints on Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Desert for a bit more unscale Pacifica, seafood/ steaks on El Paseo -- across from this is Armando's Mexican -- full bar heavy pour with their margarrittas -- Angela's Itailian in Palm Desert on HWY 111 ( main road between the 2 cities ) next to a Kinkos Printing place. -- best pizza in town very east coast taste. Night life RED'S 74 hottest nightclub in the valley in Palm Desert -- If you and your party are in PS on a thursday night the main drag Palm Canyon dr. shuts down for the weekly Village Fest - great street food / free entertainment / shopping / goes for about 10 blocks. Desert guy

    1. Romitti's on Washington in PD is a good little Italian family-run basically locals only & not touristy place. Everything from inexpensive pasta dinners to $22 (last time I checked) huge delicious veal chop dinners (definitely will be taking home leftovers) - all served with a relish tray & break & I think choice of soup or salad.

      1. Stay away from Kaiser Grille, it's a bad tourist trap. As a matter of fact, they received a B rating from the Health Dept and it took them 3 weeks to get their A back. Tells you a lot about ownership and management.

        Try Zin American Bistro in PS. Very good food and service. Also more upscale, Johannes is a great place. For lunch, try Philippe's a little French Cafe.

        Enjoy your stay in town.

        1. I used to go to Palm Desert every year but have taken the past couple off. I'm heading back this October so my recommendations are from the perspective of a tourist. I love Cafe Des Beaux Arts on El Paseo I usually have at least one breakfast and one diner there.

          I also have lunch at Las Casuellas Terraza a mexican place in Palm Srpings. There's a nice outdoor area for eating.

          A fun place with interesting food (Hawaiian/Pan-Asian) (on 111 I think) is Haleiwa Joe's.