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Aug 23, 2006 03:27 PM

Steamed lobsters take-out in Scarsdale/lower Westchester

Want to serve lobsters this weekend, but don't want to cook them at home. Got them at Stew Leonard's last year, but it's a hassle b/c you can't order ahead, they make you stand in line to order, then wait to cook them. Any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe Legal Seafoods in WP or Ricky's in Yonkers. Anyone ever been to Ricky's?

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  1. Definately not Rickys, They have gone way downhill the past few years and you will be paying top dollar.

    Have you spoken to the folks at the fish monger in High Ridge shopping center on Central Ave in Yonkers? (The one with McD's and Pathmark a 1/4 mile north of Tuckahoe Rd) It's at the back end of the shopping center next to the Pork Store (which has incredible home made mozzarella that is so buttery)

    High Ridge Fishery
    1791 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10710
    (914) 337-3775

    1. Betcha the folks at Ebb Tide in Port Chester (behind Willett House) could hook you up. Also the seafood store on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck (next to Payless Shoes), their name escapes me.

      Legal Seafood will be expensive and they may refer you to their mail order business. What about Turco's or Food Emporium?

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      1. re: Dim Sum Diva

        I've eaten at Ebb Tide quite a few times, and I agree that they'd probably cook some lobsters for you take away with you. I'd sure call ahead, though.

      2. Imperial Seafood (down from Payless) in Mamaroneck is a possibility, yes. They execute mine for me, since I can't stand killing the poor things via hot boiling water.

        Another good (but I think more expensive) fish market is owned by Gus's Franklin Park Restaurant and is right next door to the restaurant in Harrison.

        Also, wasn't there a discussion here recently about the A&P in Bronxville when lobsters were on sale? If I recall, they would boil them for you too.

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        1. re: dolores

          Duh! I forgot all about them. And they have pretty decent prices right now as well. Not the fantastic sale from Fathers Day but still good. They do a really good job of steaming the lobsters. Mine were perfectly cooked and they didn't charge for cooking.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions! :) I think I am going to go with the A&P in Eastchester (until recently Food Emporium). It's for dinner on Sunday night, and the fish markets are all closed. Turco's is open til 5:30, but I don't want to depend on them so close to closing. Also, A&P's lobsters are $6.99/lb! As compared to $12.99 ($13.99 cooked) at Turco's and $16.99 at Balduccis! I'll let you know how it goes...

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          1. re: GoKarenGo

            Well... A&P was ok, but not great. Even though they quoted me 6.99 on the phone, it was actually 11.99 when I got there. Disappointing. And furthermore, one of the lobsters had barnacles on its claws! I have never seen that before. And I'm not squeamish about "the green stuff" or roe or anything. But barnacles?! It was shocking when I unpacked them at home (sent my husband out to pick them up so didn't see them til then). As hostess, I took that one. ;) Not ideal. Next time I'll host on a Saturday and use a real fish market.

            1. re: GoKarenGo

              What do you mean by "not ideal" was it just the barnacles?

              I've spent some time with lobsters and lobstermen up in Maine over the years, and while I don't consider myself a total expert on them, I have handled quite a few. I've seen tons of lobsters with barnacles, you especially see this at fresh lobster pounds. Most older and larger hard shell lobsters have barnacles. The smaller ones shed faster and so don't always develop them. Only recent shedders/soft shells or lobsters that were caught soft and kept for later sale don't have barnacles. Barnacles on a lobster are considered a good sign. It means that they haven't shed their shell in a while and are chock full of meat. People who really know lobsters always pick one with barnacles for the meat and that it also usually means that they haven't been in captivity and sitting in a tank for several weeks. One of they ways you could tell a local from a tourist when shopping at a lobster pound was that the local looked for a slightly beat up barnacle covered lobster because they knew they would get the most meat for their money, even if it means a hell of a strong shell to crack.

              I'm not familiar with the A&P in Eastchester, just Bronxville. But did your husband tell them that they quoted you 6.99lb on the phone?

              How was actually eating the lobsters? Were they tender and well cooked or tough? Did they steam them in a timely manner and have them ready for you to pick up? Did you eat them right away or did they sit for awhile? Were they tsty?