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Aug 23, 2006 03:13 PM

Spanish Grocery Store in Brooklyn?

I love watching Daisy Cooks and wanted to try some of her recipes. Anyone know where I can pick up spanish/latino ingredients in Brooklyn? I live in Marine Park, but will certainly travel :-) Thanks.

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  1. I would think anywhere along 5th Ave. in Sunset Park would do.

    1. El Faro on 5th Ave. at 17th has reopened bright and shiny and has pretty much everything you might need for cooking in a PR/dominican/cuban vein, as well as lots of latin american and mexican products. For purely mexican stuff, there is a nice clean grocery store (it has pots in the window) on 7th Ave. nr 50 (I think, west side of street) in Sunset Park.

      There is also a newish chain of stores called Compare that specializes in hispanic products. The individual stores vary in cleanliness - you might want to see if there is one in your area.

      Given that you are in Marine Park, it might be easier for you to get on the expressway and go to Queens - there are lots of interesting stores in Jackson Hts.

      1. thank you for the thorough suggestions! it is easy for me to get to 5th & 17th via the prospect expwy so i will give el faro a try :-) i'll report back with all the goodies i find.

        1. If you find yourself in Ditmas Park, check out the well-stocked Isabelle Grocery on the south side of Cortelyou, near Stratford cross street. I always head there before cracking open my Rick Bayless cookbook.
          Also, not to be missed, there is a Latino pastry shop on Cortelyou about a block west of I'belle where you can grab desert, Mexican bread rolls and, on Fridays and Saturdays at least, some really nice homemade tamales.

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            Poindexter, you remind me - anybody heading for El Faro should also visit Lopez Bakery (e. side of 5th between 18-19) which has excellent breads, including alsatian, sourdough, multigrain and challah-style - I particularly like the sourdough which is just a good yeasty and moist white bread - not noticeably sour)as well as very good flan, central american breads and pastries and very good tamales, including chicken and cheese.

            A visit to that nabe also should include Eagle Provisions, a polish origin supermarket with an amazing array of products of all sorts given the size of the store. I very much like their home made meats and specialties, such as their stuffed cabbage.

            Finally, once you get over to that area, the whole of the 5th Ave. Mexican and Central American community stretches south (most concentrated in the 40s, both sides of Sunset Park. Great to visit on Saturday when the street venders are out, too.