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Favourite local farmer's market?

I'm interested to know where chowhounds go to pick up their locally(maybe organic) grown groceries? I was at the Riverdale Farm market yesterday and have to say that I was a little less than impressed. The vendors seemed a little disinterested; the only person who engaged me in a conversation was the guy selling smoked fish (very tasty). I also often found the selection limited and expensive. Is it me or maybe it was just an off day?

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  1. The farmer's market at Sherway Garden's on Fridays has improved this year. Perhaps it is the favorable weather we have been having, but I threw a pool party last week and got excellent produce, especially berries and corn.

    1. might be a bit out of the way, but I hear The Village Market at the Waldorf School at Bathurst, south of 16th in Thornhill is very good:


      1. The Farmer Market on Yonge St north of Steele next to the Octagon Restaurant been around for years open Friday and Saturday only

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          open thursday friday and sat. small but not bad

        2. I really liked the farmers market at the distillery district on Sundays. I think its still going on, but I was really impressed. Its very small, but vendors sell interesting things you dont find many other places like yellow carrots, and pink or purple potatoes.. and the selection of fresh baked bread is superb. I had a delicious sourdough with zuccini roasted on it and garlic. Best bread I think Ive ever had.

          1. If you want to get out of town, I've heard great things about the Creemore Farmer's Market. And of course, Peterborough's Saturday market is fine indeed... mostly veggie, some meat... Lots of eggs, fruit and all things grown locally... and you can't forget the Mushroom Man...

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              Yes the Peterborough market is good.. I grew up in Peterborough in my teen years, and my biggest memory of the market is going to a booth we used to call 'the butter tart lady'. She always has samples and tonnnnes of the most incredible butter tarts in various styles, and both big and bite sized. If you ever go to that market, you must sample these little treats.

            2. I think I'll be taking a drive to Peterborough...

              The market today (wednesday) in City Hall is pretty decent. I bought some wonderful fresh flowers and the peaches are great. The selection is limited mostly to produce, but it's of good quality.
              I also love the Farmers's Market in Kingston - the oldest in Canada apparently.

              1. Thanks for the great tips! I was searching psat threads and noticed there was a weekend market near the Downsview airport. Does anyone know anything about it? Has anyone been?

                1. It's where the Gateway grocer DC was not much of a market just a few vender mosly a flee Market

                  1. The west end market at Square One in Mississauga(Fri+Sun)is OK. It's plagued by a few too many "vendors" who resell from the Food Terminal but there is a fair quotient growers with a direct connection to what they sell. Good tomatoes, peppers, corn and Niagara fruit.

                    1. I always make a trip out to Whittamore's every year. They have picked fruits and vegetables, as well as pick your own!.


                      For frozen fruits and vegetables, I love heading to the "big apple" Macmillan Farms. One in Acton, one in Ajax


                      1. The Thursday market at Dufferin Grove Park, across from Dufferin Mall, is well loved by many in the immediately neighbourhood and beyond. Last week produce included sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, plum tomatoes, variety of leafy greens, several types of small watermelons, eggplant, rasberries, wild blueberries, peppers, zucchini, potatoes, variety of mushrooms (oyster, king, portobello), and much more. plus, there are vendors with prepared foods such as the olive oil guy who brings amazing olive oil, olives, feta and ricotta, two excellent bread stands (one of which produces breads that are bakes in th outdoor oven in the park), beretta meats and another organic butcher whose name escapes me right now, roti stand, crepe stand, fair trade organic coffee beans stand and others. even the kensington ice cream guy is there. some vendors are not regular - eg. the flower people seem to come and go. all the produce is organic and/or local. the market is from 3-7 but most vendors start running out of stuff by 6, so it's best to get there earlier rather than later if you can.

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                          I am going to the Dufferin market today for the first time, and I am excited! I went to the Riverdale one about a month ago, and like the OP I was a bit disappointed, so hoping for a great experience today.

                        2. There's a great little farmer's market at the East York Civic Center (Coxwell/Mortimer) on Tuesdays! The produce is fantastic and they have all sorts of crazy stuff (even capricolli (sp?!) which I saw someone asking about recently). Also lots of great baked goods.

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                            I went looking for the hours for this market, sadly only until 2 pm and found this list.

                            East York Civic Centre
                            Tuesdays: May 23 – October 24
                            9 am – 2 pm

                            Etobicoke Civic Centre
                            Saturdays: June 3 – October 28
                            8 am – 2 pm

                            Mel Lastman Square,
                            North York Civic Centre
                            Thursdays: June 15 – October 19
                            8 am – 2 pm

                            Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City Hall
                            Wednesdays: June 7 – October 4
                            (No market June 28)
                            10 am – 2:30 pm

                            Weston Village – John Street
                            (Weston Rd & Lawrence Ave W)
                            Saturdays: May 20 – October 28
                            7 am – 2 pm

                          2. Well, after finally checking it out today, not the BCE Place farmer's market ;)

                            Did provide a nice morning snack of blackberries, though.