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Aug 23, 2006 03:04 PM

brunch before US Open

i am going to the us open for super saturday. anyone have any suggestions for brunch in queens? it could be near flushing meadows or on the way.

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  1. What time are you thinking about being at the restaurant?
    Saturdays are tough for "brunch", especially in Queens where there doesn't seem to be many places that push brunch on Sundays.
    One place that comes to mind for breakfast would be Jackson Hole. They have one on the westbound side of the Grand Central in East Elmhurst and one on Bell Blvd. in Bayside.
    You could take the LIRR from Bayside to the stadium.
    Leave your car in Bayside.

    1. What about having dim sum one stop over in Flushing?

      1. There are a few Irish bars along the 7 in Sunnyside and Woodside (46th St. stop or 61st St. stop) that do brunch, as well as the much-debated La Flor (52nd St. stop -- search the boards) for fine french toast and some Mexican-themed stuff. But, as noted above, Queens is not fancy and not necessarily a place for "brunch," although there are a lot of places to get a good ol' breakfast, including many ethnic varieties. The dim sum recommendation for Flushing is a good one -- again, search the board.

        Oh, and this recent thread may provide some help, or at least some insight:

        1. Are you looking for a traditional American brunch or are you open to trying one of the around-the-world versions we serve up out here? Pre-Open I'd go bakery hopping in Flushing. It'll give you the chance to try lots of little tastes and it's so cheap that you'll have plenty of cash left over so you can buy a giant tennis ball from one of the Open gift shops. Fay Da Bakery on Main St. is a tasty place to start. But if you do want a big food sit-down, I'd go with one of the Irish pubs in Woodside/Sunnyside.

          1. They got some good Phillipino breafast at Sally's near 69th street and roosevelt. There is an authentic mexican breakfast place on the way but forgot the name.