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Aug 23, 2006 02:51 PM

Heading to Tofino via Gabriola Island on Labor Day Weekend-Please Help.

We're headed to Gabriola Island and then on to Tofino on Labor Day weekend. We're staying at the Wick and have a reservation there for a late dinner on Sunday evening. I've read all of the message boards, so I know about SoBa, Shelter, Pasticceria Conradi. Is Rain Coast still a going concern? I couldn't connect to the website. No one is writing about Tough City Sushi--is it still there and good?

Where can we get a great lunch on the drive to Tofino from Nanaimo? Is there an easy, casual place to stop in Port Alberni (sp?) perhaps?

Is there a place in Tofino to get a great box lunch to take kayaking with us?

Any recs for farmers markets in Tofino or Gabe?

Any restaurant recommendatons on Gabriola?

Any other casual, fun recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. We just returned from our annual trip to Tofino. SoBo just doesnt seem to be the same. Maybe it is because they are so busy but it seems the food has slipped. Conradi has moved somewhat away from their bakery business. Not as many pastries and their prices have gone up quite a bit. Tough City is still good as is Rain City. Check out the new Breakers right on the main street. Very good healthy food that is perfect for the kayaking trip. Stop at the Goats on the Roof market just outside of Nanaimo. It is a nice market where you can pick up some nice produce and a sandwich for your drive to Tofino. No farmers market in Tofino. You are stuck with the Co-Op.

    1. The "Goats on the Roof Market" is in Coombs

      1. sirdinealot:

        That is disappointing news about SOBO. Mind you my wife would not be surprised. She never liked it although I did enjoy the fish tacos despite my aversion to cilantro...yes, I am part of that 50% who cannot abide it as opposed to the other half who love the distinct tang and flavour.

        When you say Conradi has moved away from the bakery. To where? I wonder if they needed more room and seats. I liked their original location with the windows and stone floors.

        Mind you we head up in late October rather that the busy summer so that could make a difference in both respects.

        Have not stopped into the "Goats On The Roof" shop in Coombs since the Island Highway extension was opened bypassing Coombs en route to Tofino.

        1. Hi Bob Mac, sorry for the confusion. Conradi is still in the same place but they are not producing as much baked goods as they did a year ago. Could very well be a result of supply and demand. There are a number of establishments in Tofino that sells baked goods. Have fun.

          1. sirdinealot:

            LOL..."Conradi has moved somewhat away from their bakery business"...I obviously need that Tofino vacation "big time"! Misread and misunderstood your everyone apparently but me...intent [smile]