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Aug 23, 2006 02:50 PM

Nachos in T.O

I am absolutely in love with Nachos, if I could, it would be the only meal I would eat! Just wondering what everyones fav place for Nachos are, where can i find the best in Toronto. So far my favorties is @ O'grady's on Church street...let me know what you think!

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  1. The best nachos I've had recently were at The Hot House at Church and Front/Wellesley. They are sinfully good, covered well in the good stuff and it's like they are double fried or something.

    1. Yah hot house cafe are pretty good.. DONT go to st louis wings for nachos, they are smothered in that cheese whiz stuff ugh.. mr green jeans are mediocre too, the beef is too dry.. but Hernandos Hideaway has some great nachos (try the one with beef )

      1. No word of a lie, but Sneaky Dee's has fantastic natchos. South east corner of College and Bathurst.

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          Love 'em! Sneaky Dee's also has great wings. So yummy and you can't beat the price.

          1. re: TOfoodie

            $18 will get a plate of amazing nachos to feed two or three plus a pitcher of domestic beer. Yum!

          2. Sneaky Dee's nachos are my fave, especially at 2am!


            1. Sneaky's nachos have great coverage. I didn't even know St. Louis offered nachos.