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Nachos in T.O

I am absolutely in love with Nachos, if I could, it would be the only meal I would eat! Just wondering what everyones fav place for Nachos are, where can i find the best in Toronto. So far my favorties is @ O'grady's on Church street...let me know what you think!

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  1. The best nachos I've had recently were at The Hot House at Church and Front/Wellesley. They are sinfully good, covered well in the good stuff and it's like they are double fried or something.

    1. Yah hot house cafe are pretty good.. DONT go to st louis wings for nachos, they are smothered in that cheese whiz stuff ugh.. mr green jeans are mediocre too, the beef is too dry.. but Hernandos Hideaway has some great nachos (try the one with beef )

      1. No word of a lie, but Sneaky Dee's has fantastic natchos. South east corner of College and Bathurst.

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          Love 'em! Sneaky Dee's also has great wings. So yummy and you can't beat the price.

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            $18 will get a plate of amazing nachos to feed two or three plus a pitcher of domestic beer. Yum!

          2. Sneaky Dee's nachos are my fave, especially at 2am!


            1. Sneaky's nachos have great coverage. I didn't even know St. Louis offered nachos.

              1. Mitzi's Sister on Queen in parkdale has veggie nachos a mile high -- layered cheese (not just on top) and a ton of toppings. Better than Sneaky Dees IMO but veg only.

                1. Rose and Crown at yonge & eglinton used to do a great greek nachos, but I haven't been there in years

                  1. Hernando's Hideaway on Yonge south of Wellesley. Great natchos of many varieties and, oh look at that, hockey season is coming. Did I mention you can watch games there? Oh and I love their margaritas. Sure it's a chain now, but there were exactly two locations when I first started going.

                    1. The Hair of the Dog (425 Church St.) does an interesting take on nachos. Instead of chips, they bake flour tortilla wedges until crisp, and load on the toppings. They're quite good and the small size is enough for a meal for one.

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                        Glad to see someone mentioned hair of the dog because their nachos are to die for, but just to clarify, they are NOT baked. They are fried. They are kind of like the shell you often get taco salads in, deep fried and flour based, but bloody amazing. Highly highly reccomend them.

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                          I too enjoy Hair of the Dog's nachos, and have recommended them on this board before. However, I haven't always had the best experience. The odd time they have been soggy with too many toppings, and they have also been horribly dry.

                          That said, if you do get them on a good night, they're my favourites in the city.

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                          everyone tells me how great the hair of the dog ones are, but sadly i can't eat them, cause i am allergic to wheat! Too bad they dont have a corn tortilla chip variety, cause they are right around the corner from me too!

                        3. Best in the city has got to be the Kings Crown at Sneaky Dees. I seem to recall that the Madison also makes a fine plate of Natchos.

                          1. don't clown me, but i'll have to nominate The Keg's (the one in the financial district). It seems like the fry the nachos per order because all the chips come out hot and crispy - you can even see the oil too!

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                              ya, i have had them at the keg mansion, and they are really great there too!

                            2. The Old Nick on Broadview & Danforth has fantastic nachos, the best I've ever tasted...Monday night is their nacho night special too.

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                                Ive been curious about this place. Do they have anything else to eat there worth mentioning?

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                                  what is the special, half price or something?

                                2. Lone Star Texas Grill in the Simcoe Place Front and Simcoe across from the Convention Centre last time I was there they fry all the nachos per order always freash ans lots of topping

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                                    I second lone star.. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has eaten there

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                                      Last time I was at the Lone Star the nacho's were the ONLY good part of the meal.
                                      Everything else was horrible

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                                        I also find their salsa hit and miss. Often times it's too salty or missing something.

                                  2. oooo i remembered another one! This is fairly embarassing.. but at Milestones they had really nice home made tortilla chips with 3 kinds of salsas that came with it. Not your conventional cheese, chili nachos.. but chips with some really tasty dips.

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                                      I will admit it, I like Milestones. And, yes, their chips and dip are fab; warm, very salty (this is a great thing IMO) red corn tortilla strips with fresh salsas. So tasty.

                                      Anybody know where else to get nachos and fresh tomato salsa? Key word *fresh*.

                                    2. My favourite nachos at the moment are at Scruffy Murphy's on Eglinton, half way between Yonge and Mount Pleasant. Loaded, loaded, loaded....

                                      1. A shout out for Coyote Willies at Queen & Broadview, near the s/w corner. Not gloppy- so if you like ground beef, beans, etc, maybe too plain- but good chips with real pico de gallo, real guac.

                                        1. Guys, I listened to you and spent some hard earned cash on the "Kings Crown" nachos at Sneaky Dees. I hate to say it but they were AWFUL. The beans were absolutely flavorless, the chips were old, the cheese was straight from No Frills, and the whole dish was cold. The nachos looked acceptable but if that's all I cared about I would have stayed home on Google.

                                          I also tried, a "Mexican Sandwich" a terrible move in retrospect considering that any good authentic mexican restaurant would have tortas on the menu. The sandwich was and awful blend of burnt cheese and underdone beans. Thankfully i could wash it away with 4 orders of "authentic" mexican beer- Rekard's.

                                          Friends, I do not hold it against any of you, I'm sure you really like Sneaky's. I might even trust your lo-mein tips. But asking for mexican advice from torontonians is like asking for fitness info from the folks in Plato's cave.

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                                            Hey newmexicotransplant, with that handle you sound like a credible person to ask this question to: In your opinion what makes a great natcho? The reason why I ask is that I run a restaurant in the finacial district and am considering putting natchos on our tapas/bar menu but I don't want them to be just any natcho, I want them to be the best. Price is really not an issue. So fire away and tell me what you think are the most important aspects, ingredients and qualities of a really great plate of natchos.

                                            Anyone else reading this can feel free to comment.


                                          2. Bishop and the Belcher on church before bloor has 9.95 nacho platter on thursdays. A huge plate of chips (enough to serve at least 2 for dinnder) covered in cheese, peppers, lettuce and tomatoes, and divided into a veggie section with mushrooms, a beef section, and a chicken topped section. Also comes with sour cream and salsa. Me and my bf go here quite often as its difficult to eat out (or even cook a good meal) for $10 for the both of us.

                                            1. Okay folks, I got a new one for you. I literally have to nachos as an appetiser every time its available when I dine out, so this weekend I had to chili nachos at The Richmond Rogue at Richmond and Sherbourne. SOOOO GOOD. Sometimes I find that the chili they put on the nachos is too dry, this was actual chili covering every fabulous chip on top of the cheese, a veggies. It also came with three bowls made of tortilla chips: one with sour cream, one with salsa, and one with guacamole. The dips were nothing special, as this is a pub, not a mexican restaurant, I doubt they were home made, but they tasted good and its not very common that they include the guacamole in the dish-usually its an add on.

                                              1. The fox & fiddle makes some really good nachos, the make standard nachos as well at BLT and greek style. I heard Hot House makes some good nachos also Bow & Arrow makes some kick ass nachos the use bison meat Yummy

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                                                  I agree with hot house, some of the best nachos Ive had. I have also enjoyed the nachos at Jawny Baker in the east end on o connor, we asked for them to go a little lighter then usual on the cheese and they just the perfect balance of cheese, chili, salsa, and guac( we requested no sour cream although it usually comes iwth it)

                                                2. Bryden's at Jane and Bloor have excellent nachos though there are times when there is just too much topping...depends on who's in the kitchen. Mitzi's sister also is very good. And I also second the fact that Sneaky's has some good tex-mex but I would not recommend the nachos

                                                  1. I looooove the nachos at Crooked Star at Ossington and Dundas. They LAYER their cheese, and all the toppings are put on the side (salsa, salsa verde, sour cream, awesome homemade chili) so no soggy nachos (unlike Sneaky Dee's - even when drunk at 3am I still find them unappetizing). Simply delicious!

                                                    1. I don't care much for the food at Granite Brewery but I believe their Nachos are close to the best I ever had in the city, Hot House Cafe used to have the best but for some stupid reason they took them off the menu:(

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                                                        I never thought "Hot House Cafe" and "best" could ever be in the same sentence. I'd rather to go to a Kelsey's or some chain, and I even refuse to go to Kelsey's if I can help it. I have never tried the nachos at Hot House, but everything else I've had there has been horrific (I have to go sometimes because of office lunches).

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                                                          I would agree that most things at Hot House are very mediocre (but not any worse than Kelsey's), but the nachos they used to serve were absolutely one of the best I'd ever had in TO.

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                                                            agreed with pescatarian and callitasicit. They were the best. I used to go ONLY for the nachos.. when they took them off the menu I almost blew up at the server, like WHY!?
                                                            I also agree that the Granites nachos are some good nachos. Most of everything else on the menu is pretty mediocre, but good solid nachos.