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Aug 23, 2006 02:17 PM

Peter Lugers - 60th Birthday questions

I am planning a 60th birthday celebration for my father who lives and dies by a fantastic steak. We have been to some of the steakhouses in NY, Sparks, Keens, Palm, S&W. We have always wanted to take him to Peter Lugers but never got around to it. We are doing the whole limo thing and were going to make a night of it. So my questions are these:

- I know that PL is not a "fancy" spot, but is it festive? We are looking for a place we can enjoy each others company, don't need it to be stuffy, just fun and boisterous and I want it to feel special.
- There are 8 of us, is there a location in the restaurant that I should request when making the reservation?
- Has the quality really gone down, will we be dissappointed?
- We were thinking of stopping either before or after for a drink, possibly the Brandy Library in Manhattan. Anyplace in Brooklyn I should consider?
- Any other suggestions for making the night one that he will remember?

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  1. Luger's is definitely fun and boisterous. The fun will be greatly enhanced if you manage to ignore the ultra-rude wiatstaff.

    1. as to whether luger's is festive, i would have to say no. not only is it not fancy, but it has zero to offer in terms of atmosphere. you can be as loud as you want, but the place itself will not invoke any sort of "fun" to your celebration. when i went there, we were a party of 8 and we ordered 2 porterhouse steaks that were supposed to serve 4 each. i was not impressed at all- the steak was flavorless. also, i am not sure how much this matters to you, but i think their appetizers/desserts are awful. on the other hand, i've heard raves from others. the steak is supposed to be center stage, but unfortunately, i think it's hit or miss.

      is luger's a must for you? if not, maybe you could try one of the new steak places in the city? i have heard great things about Quality Meats.

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        I can't disagree with this opinion more, re: atmosphere. Luger's is chock full o' atmosphere, it's just not the "dimly lit, soft jazz, attractive waitstaff" vibe some might look for. It's got a classic New York feel that I love.

        (I also disagree with the assessment of the food quality, but that's another post...)

      2. I think Luger's is perfect for a party -- I've had several there. There's an upstairs party room, but eight people will easily fit into one of the downstairs rooms, which I think would be more fun. I've never noticed the waitstaff being rude, but I guess it happens. I like the Luger's atmosphere, and the last time I had the steak, it was still great. Lately I've been going at lunchtime for the awesome burgers, so I don't know if the steak has fallen off.

        Irrelevant to the topic, but here's a picture of a beautiful, rare, Luger cheese burger:

        1. I was underimpressed with Luger's the last time we were there. They actually OVERCOOKED my steak. We have vowed never to make the trip to Brooklyn again. I know this is a little bit of heresy, but we like Del Frisco's in Manhattan. It is a nice place with tablecloths & linen napkins, good atmosphere, delicious ribeye steaks and great sides. Nice for a birthday dinner. Just don't sit near the bar as it can get crowdedand noisy.

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            Ive only been to Lugers once but it is a different kind of fun - a classic atmosphere not glitzy but real. I know people who routinely celebrate birthdays there and I simply would not hesitate in giving it a try.

            1. re: jen kalb

              I agree with Jen. It's basically an old german beer hall and it has it's own atmosphere. You can get a little loud and boisterous and nobody will look at you strange. My family has celebrated several birthdays there and we've enjoyed each one.

              I know my Dad would appreciate a meal at PL over another steak house any day.

              Make sure you order the bacon!

          2. Luger's has a beer hall/ sawdust on the floor kind of feel that I think is very comfortable in a casual sort of way. Note for a party of 8 remember to bring a lot of cash as they don't take charge cards (except their own).

            As to you other question, I'd normally suggest the River Café for drinks. A wonderful view and excellent drinks. But seating 8 together at the bar might be difficult.