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Aug 23, 2006 02:08 PM

Duck Feet, and your Fear Factor Moment

The other day I had Dim Sum at the Dragon Palace on Centre St. in NYC. I've been there a few times and the food is always good. The woman came by with the cart, and she showed me really quickly what was in each steel basket. I said, what's in that one?? She said Duck blah blah blah. I love duck, so I said sure. I'll try it. Great she said this is my favorite dish! She then spooned out a large bowl of braised duck feet. The Chinese woman at the table I was seated with also asked, do you like the dish? I said yes. I ate most of them, although the webs made me really squeamish, but the little legs were ok (wondering if you can fry duck feet, then I may like them). The ladies also ordered a bowl, they pulverized the entire foot. The gist of this is that I felt I had to eat them or else it would have been rude not too. Has anyone else have similar experiences to share? For me, this was a Fear Factor moment.

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  1. Michelle, I glad you prevailed and ate the duck feet. (It's a point of Chowhound Honor.) I ordered an unknown (to me) pork dish at a Maylay restaurant; the waitress did not speak very good English. I think three times she tried to get me to change my order. Rather than lose face, I insisted. The pork came out swimming deep in a pungent fish sauce. I literally had to hold my breath to eat each bite to avoid inhaling. (My dining partner was gagging even from a distance.) As we left the restaurant the staff all smiled and waved. I think it may have been an inside joke, but I'll never know.

    1. Next time try the chicken feet, then you'd be qualified to speak of fear factor moments.

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        I love chicken feet. I took to those like a duck to water (ha ha) in a dim sum place. I look for them and get them when I can

      2. Hey Michelle, I've never had duck feet, I am now wondering why because I love chicken feet. They are one of my favorite dim sum, especially when they are in a nice garlicky sauce. Were the duck feet boneless? I don't think I have ever seen duck feet served at dim sum except for plain with no sauce, which I never ordered since they looked so white and boring.

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          The duck feet were very boney and jointy. They were braised like fricasse. The sauce had a heavy black pepper flavor. The Chinese women literally pulverized them down to bone-sand. I just gnawed around them.

        2. I am not screamish about feet. It is rather like the wings, just a little more chewy. More chewy, more flavor, right? It does not have an unusual flavor like some organs might.

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            I have to say, what's the big deal? It's part of the bird and eadible. Have the tongue next time if you have - really excellent in a soya version if you like Fuijian cuisine.

            1. re: gini

              that duck tongue was almost worse than the fish maw.

            2. re: mimolette

              I love wings too. This webs were very gelatinous, that's the texture made me squeamish. Does anyone ever fry the feet? That might be a better way for me to eat them.

            3. There's nothing like a good plate of duck tongue with sides of duck feet and jelly fish with fried chitterlings on top. I have yet to try goose intestine.

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              1. re: bigmackdaddy

                Actually everything in this thread is quite tame...order some braised sea that is not a dish for the squimish!