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Dallas Late night dining

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Say it is Sunday night at 11:30, and you are hanging around Market Square. Where would the best place to grab a late night dinner be?

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  1. I'm showing my ignorance, but where is Market Square in Dallas?

    1. Kirk,

      I think this is the same poster who's coming in for the Redskins game. Google tells me that "Las Colinas Market Square" is at Walnut Hill and MacArthur, which is near the stadium.

      In short, there's nothing late night in that area that's not a bar.

      1. Sorry MARKET CENTER

        I am staying at the Sheraton at 2101 stemmons fwy

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          I'm not aware of anything open late right around there. (And it's not a pedestrian-friendly area.) You can get to Cuba Libre (mid-priced pan-Latino) or Cuquita's (Tex-Mex) on Henderson with a short cab ride (maybe 2 miles).


        2. How late does Adair's Saloon serve food?

          1. You're looking at at least a 20 minute drive there and I have never seen anyone eating after 10:00 there. Don't know what time the kitchen closes.

            1. if nothing is close and a cab drive will be required anyway, then i recommend Buzzbrews, on 75 at fitzhugh. it's from a former manager at Cafe Brazil (which even despite its so-so food i still like for a late-night place) but is even better. they have firm scrambled eggs and luscious pancakes; a weird/cool turkey-breast entree; and an mmm potato side dish called garlic marbles. definitely a hippie-ish/student-ish kind of place, but given the slim pickings on a late sunday night (denny's?), it's a pretty decent option

              from Guidelive.com

              oh and here's a writeup from citysearch

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                Excellent recommendation, TG. And just the place to mellow out after watching the Redskins beat the 'Boys.

              2. I know that Sheraton. There's a Denny's down that road (been there too), but I prefer Cubre Libre, which used to serve much later, but I think it's only until 1 am these days. It's not anywhere close to you though. Cafe Brazil was the only other thing that came to mind. What about that place in Deep Ellum . . . Angry Dog? Isn't that open fairly late?


                1. Snookies on Oak lawn isn't too far from that area. Also McKinney Ave isn't very far from there. There are several places that are probably open late over there, like Uptown Bar, Idle Rich Pub, The Loon. Nikita also serves food, but I don't know if it's good or not.

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                    Snookies does a very poor imitation of Snuffers' cheese fries. They're very greasy and look almost like they've been recycled from all the leftover fries and cheese from the night before. Having said that, when hungover, it will do the trick.

                    Nikita doesn't do very much food anymore and it's too expensive and not very good.

                    Depending on the day, Uptown Bar serves food pretty late, but if you really are gonna go to McKinney Ave, then Dragonfly at the hotel Zaza serves a full menu until 11 on Sunday nights, and then switches to a lighter menu until 1 am (I think). Much better food. More expensive, but you get what you pay for!


                  2. gulp, snookie's? i can't imagine recommending the food there

                    if we're going to rattle off places open late on sunday, then might as well mention fireside pies, open til midnight. buzzbrews, however, is 24-hrs

                    kirk, where else do you like to enjoy a good meal after watching a cowboys defeat? hee. (sorry to marcusB, wherever he may be)

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                        Usually, in the comfort and relative safety of my own home. I do have a strong sense of self-preservation, you know.

                      2. For those of you who slammed my choices...cbk21 asked about grabbing dinner at 11:30 near Market Center. Not a plethora of places open late around there. Most places in that area close at 10pm on Sunday. Just trying to help out with places that stayed open late. I don't recall really good or upscale being mentioned. Jeez! By the way Texas Toast...Snookies sucks but you mention Denny's? Whatever.

                        1. Nandia on Lower Greenvile serves until 3 am every night and although its not the greatest asian inspired food the quality is actually very good.I always enjoy the baby clams steamed in sake when I visit there and the sushi is better than some places in town.Plus its a great alternative to the usual late night bar food.

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                            Yes, I'd forgotten about the old Liberty Noodles place! But you know, there's a Taco Cabana right next door!