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Aug 23, 2006 01:52 PM

Dallas Late night dining

Say it is Sunday night at 11:30, and you are hanging around Market Square. Where would the best place to grab a late night dinner be?

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  1. I'm showing my ignorance, but where is Market Square in Dallas?

    1. Kirk,

      I think this is the same poster who's coming in for the Redskins game. Google tells me that "Las Colinas Market Square" is at Walnut Hill and MacArthur, which is near the stadium.

      In short, there's nothing late night in that area that's not a bar.

      1. Sorry MARKET CENTER

        I am staying at the Sheraton at 2101 stemmons fwy

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        1. re: cbk21

          I'm not aware of anything open late right around there. (And it's not a pedestrian-friendly area.) You can get to Cuba Libre (mid-priced pan-Latino) or Cuquita's (Tex-Mex) on Henderson with a short cab ride (maybe 2 miles).


        2. How late does Adair's Saloon serve food?

          1. You're looking at at least a 20 minute drive there and I have never seen anyone eating after 10:00 there. Don't know what time the kitchen closes.