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Healthy cooked chicken breast :(

Hello everyone. I know this has to be the most boring meal, but I am so tired of grilling my chicken breast and serving it over salad with some vinegar! I was just hoping maybe someone has another idea to do with my chicken breat which is not super fattening or super high in calories. I know this is a boring post, but I am tired of vinegar and plain old chicken breast! (I really miss making chicken parm, francese, marsala, etc. yummmmm)

Thank you !!!!! :)

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  1. Salsa kicks up some chicken. Serve it with some black beans and low fat (not FF) sour cream and you're good to go.

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      I have done Janet's recipe, but before cooking the chicken, I compose a rub of chili powder (ancho, usually, but regular will be fine), minced garlic, minced cilantro and salt (if using salt-free chili powder) and a little oil to make it into a thick paste. Rub the chicken breast and let it "marinate" for up to 24 hours. I use my outside grill or the stovetop grill, depending on my mood. Then top it with salsa and serve with corn tortillas and black beans.

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          It is! That's what we're having for dinner tonight.

    2. Responding again (sorry) I also do a chicken parmesean with grilled chicken instead of fried...it's not as good as fried (of course) but it's pretty darn good. I also cut back on the cheese with this.

      1. 1. Chicken enchiladas...poach cb with a jalapeno, shred it, mix it with some frozen corn + salsa (and 2 tsp cumin,coriander, and chipotle chiles, if you like spice)+ wrap it in a small whole wheat tortilla. Bake with enchilada sauce on top and serve with FF sour cream, diced tomatoes and fresh scallions. VERY filling and very low-fat!

        2. Chicken Paprika (2 servings)
        2 skinless boneless chicken breast halves, cut into 1/2" strips
        6 teaspoons Hungarian paprika
        1 tbsp butter/oil
        1/2 cup chopped onion
        2 garlic cloves, sliced thinly
        2 large tomatoes, seeded, chopped
        1 cup canned low-salt chicken broth
        1/4 cup reduced-fat/FF sour cream
        Salt and pepper

        Heat oil/butter in pan. Saute garlic until softened but not browned and add paprika and onion - cook until translucent. Add the chicken breast and saute until cooked. Remove chicken and add tomatoes, chicken broth and turn heat to high. Boil until sauce coats spoon thinly - about 5 minutes. Mix in chicken and juices. Stir in sour cream but do not let boil. Adjust for salt and pepper and serve with steamed veggies/rice/mashed potatoes.

        Hope that helps!

        1. I grilled up some chicken cutlets the other day and made a reduction of soy sauce, rice wine, broth, ginger, garlic and scallions a dash of five spice and added some honey at the end and brushed it on the chicken and served it with some rice and steamed broccoli.

          1. Marinate chicken breast in mixture of 3 teaspoons country dijon mustard, 3 teaspoons honey, lime juice and a little canola oil. Saute chicken in a little more canola oil until just cooked then add marinade and simmer until cooked through. Serve with salad. Also excellent cold the next day.

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              I do something similar to Jenn, using dijon mustard, maple syrup, dried sage and curry powder. Mix it all together and pour over chicken breasts...bake uncovered, basting every 10 minutes til done, also works great with bone-in or boneless thighs (all skin and fat removed of course)...great over basmati rice.

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                I just made a chicken breast with this delicious recipe -- just used a tsp. less mustard. Thank you so much!!!

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                  Oops -- meant to say the above was the chicken breast recipe I just tried, just with a tsp less mustard. It was very delicious -- thank you!!!!

                2. Oh my!! Thank you all so very much!! No more boring, bland chicken for me! :)

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                    My protein intake is almost exclusively chicken and fish, low or no fats, only good carbs (no simple carbs). I sometimes put a "rub" of various spices on the chicken, sautee it in a little olive oil, or grill it over a gas flame. I then use the chicken in ersatz tacos, instead of a taco shell, I use large lettuce leaves, put some chicken on a leaf, maybe some chopped raw onion, maybe some cilantro, what ever sounds good, and add some salsa, roll up and eat.

                    Sometimes I allow myself the carbs and throw a chicken and salad mixture on to a taco shell "crown", which are premade "bowls" made from taco shells available in the supermarket, put on some salsa, and I've got a chicken tostada.

                    One other dish I do is with chicken I have marinated in some teriyaki or thai ginger marinade, roll it up with onions, scallions, bean sprouts, carrot sticks, what ever I have, in some lettuce and serve it with some Thai peanut sauce.

                  2. Have you tried the RUB WITH LOVE for chicken, we have found it to be very good. They make other rubs for pork, beff and salmon too. We have used that salmon won and have found it to be very good. We recently used that salmon rub on chicken and found it very good. I also like to grill it on indirect heat on the grill, top down.

                    They sell it at our local butcher and I think Sur la Table also has it. The web site for it is:


                    I also prepare a quick chicken in the oven using the following:

                    Prepare in a bowl a mixture of dijon mustard and white wine, a couple of tablespoons of each.

                    In a seperate bowl combine equal amounts of bread crumbs and parmasian cheese.

                    Dip breast in mustard-wine, you can marinate it or not. Next, dredge it in cheesy bread crumbs and bake at 375. It is a good idea to use a Pam like product in the backing dish.

                    Good luck

                    1. Pound it flat before you grill it, or for a treat bread and sautee it. Just changing the texture of what you're eating can make a huge difference.

                      1. get some good jerk paste--Walkerswood from World Market is good--and smear about 1/2 tsp on each, then microwave.

                        Spicey and herby at the same time. So goooood! Great in lettuce wraps like Will's with roasted red bells.

                        1. If you like stir fried food, you can put it in your stir fries. Put in a bit of oil into your wok or large frying pan. Add some crushed and minced garlic first, then the chicken (cubed, or sliced kind of thinly), season that with some soy and pepper, add your vegetables of choice. I like broccoli, but you know how broccoli and garlic having a party together smell the next day, so I do recommend eating that combination on the same day. Taste a piece of vegetable, and if you need more salt, you can add either soy or oyster sauce. The two are not interchangeable, but some people prefer oyster sauce to soy sauce. Chinese oyster sauce is a bit more sweet. A Thai brand is more savoury.

                          Serve with jasmine rice.

                          Other ideas with chicken breasts: I use spice rubs too, mixing salt, paprika, a little curry powder, black pepper and chili pepper and rub the chicken breasts liberally with it before broiling.

                          You can also do herbs. Take your favourite and make a pesto out of it in the food processor. Add salt and pepper and maybe other aromatics (what smells and tastes good to you) and rub it over the breasts before broiling or grilling. I am doing this next time I make chicken breasts with an herb called 'puk pao' in Laotian, but I don't know what it's called in English. Maybe if someone here understands, he/she can post it!

                          I forgot to ask. I wasn't sure if you were avoiding carbs or not. It may be that you are from the original post, but I was wondering if you were avoiding them, reducing them, or are they okay?

                          1. you could always do italian. chicken picata, chicken marsala, treat it like veal for scaloompine or other some such.... choices abound. also, little tip, try brining it in a strong brine solution for about 30 mins. makes a big difference, and it's perfectly seasoned all the way through. If you're worried about salt intake, don't be. 1- unless mcdonalds is a habit, or you have a specific medical condition, you probably don't need to worry about it and 2-you actually consume less salt, because you're not using any to actually season the meat after, and it's mostly an eviornmental control.

                            1. I got a great marinade recipe from cooking light this past month. They take the grilled chicken and layer it in a quesadilla with grilled onions and goat cheese and bake it, but the grilled chicken is very good on its own as well. I don't have the recipe with me (on vacation) but you basically take some chicken broth (half cup I think), a bunch of cilantro, a jalepeno or two, and some lime juice (say 1 lime) and throw it in the food processor. I think they add a tablespoon or two of extra virgin olive oil. Marinate for 2 hours and grill. I've used this marinade a couple times since, both with the quesadilla and not, and it's very good.

                              1. I really like this recipe from epicurious. It cooks on top of the stove and makes a very nice sauce (I increase the chicken broth and add wine). Fast and easy, and you can "fancy it up" as the recipe comments suggest.


                                1. This is a blander, but easily altered method... I personally love the flavor of chicken breasts poached in chicken broth, as I like the moisture... but I also do this baked. I cut slits in the chicken breasts, three or four, depending on the breast. I then shove garlic cloves into the holes, then create a thick bed of sliced onions in a baking dish, layer in the chicken breasts, pour over some chicken broth, then sprinkle some rosemary sprigs over the top. Bake at 350 until done. Add whatever else floats your boat.