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Aug 23, 2006 01:35 PM

Santa Fe update, please?

We are going back to Santa Fe this month and look forward to lots of good food!

I would very much appreciate any recent information on what's recommended....or not.

We have tentative plans to go to Cafe Pasqual's (tried and true), Bistro 315 (new to us), Aqua Santa (new to us and recommended on this board), and Bumble Bee (love this little place).

We especially need a recommendation to take a local couple for a birthday dinner celebration.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. See my GF's report, posted a few minutes after your request!

    And I do love Bumble Bee, either one on Guadalupe or on Cerrilos. Particularly enamored of the Burrito Del Norte.

    1. Places that I love...

      Santa Cafe, Masa Sushi, Coyote Cantina (great Bloody Mary's

      I agree with the aforementioned Bumble Bee's recommendation.

      1. We had a terrific meal at Bistro 315 during Indian Market. It's a good place for a birthday meal. Don't know if you want to take your friends to a fancy place or not for the birthday. Il Piatto is also a nice place for a birthday meal. I also recommend Senor Lucky's for a good meal.

        1. Nice to hear a good report on 315!

          As for the birthday dinner, it doesn't have to be a Compound-type fancy.....I would like good atmosphere and good food...good service, of course.

          I don't know Il Piatto. Will check into it right now.

          Thanks so much!