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Aug 23, 2006 01:07 PM

Dinner in Mannyunk

Anyone been to Grasshopper in Mannyunk lately? Any other recs for a quiet dinner?

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  1. Jakes is still the standard in Manayunk

    1. Hate to say it, but i feel like I was in manayunk a few weeks ago and noticed that grasshopper was closed. you might want to call to check.

      That being said, there is this restaurant that I keep noticing on Terrace and Shurs Lane that looks interesting -- wondering if anyone has tried it. Definitely looks like a "date" place, but I don't know anything about it, not even the name (maybe it's "the terrace restaurant" or something?)

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        It's called Terrace Street Bistro, BYO, and they don't open till 6. We liked it the first time we were there (I had the crabcake, which was good, tho not stellar) but the second time, the food seemed to have taken a nosedive. Maybe it was just an off night. It's a snug, prettily decorated place. They apparently cater and occasionally close the restaurant for a private party. We'll try it again some day, but are in no hurry.