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Visit to Ellenville / Stone Ridge NY, Suggestions?

Staying at a B&B in Stone Ridge on 209 north of Ellenville, looking for suggestions for Friday & Saturday nights. So far thinking of Aroma thyme in Ellenville for a nice dinner, seems people like it. Originally from there so curiuos what the food scene is like. Thinking slighlty less expensive for Saturday night, our B&B had some links including the Rosendale cement company which looked interesting in a funky kinda way. Any other suggestions for meals?

How about other chowish ideas, farms, markets etc?

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  1. are you sure you want to go to rosendale from ellenville? that's a lengthy drive - and if you're going that far, why not save a few miles on the drive and eat in new paltz instead?

    however, i'd personally recommend going for brunch in ellenville at the european deli across the street from mcdonalds. they have great blintzes, and others on here have reco'd other items. and the bakery a couple blocks south (cohen's) is real good as well.

    if you like fruity wines, i'd suggest going down to baldwin vineyards in pine bush. i go over there once a year to pick up apple, strawberry, blueberry wines at about $13/bottle. i don't like expensive wines (sorry!) and the tastes of these hits the spot.

    i haven't gotten to try out aroma thyme, but i've only heard good things (here and elsewhere) about it.

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      Our B&B is Stone Ridge which I think is closer to Rosendale, hence the thought. The B&B had a bunch of Rosendale places listed.

    2. sheesh. sorry, i missed that in your original post. i think there have been mixed posts on here about the cement company; i only had their watermelon drinks at the rosendale festival, which was supposedly only available (regularly) in the unusual vehicle in the backyard.

      but i think there have been mentions here of it before. good hunting...

      1. There is a wonderful restaurant in Stone Ridge- The French Corner, just off of rte. 209. It is expensive, but they do have a prix fixe every night that includes a limited choice of entree and an appetizer. Definitely worth it, though. Also, I haven't been, but I know of people who have eaten at Friends and Family II Hillside Restaurant in Accord, south of Stone Ridge and they liked it very much, again, in a funky interesting kind of way. Does anyone here have any information about it? We have been to the Rosendale Cement Company many times and enjoyed it, but I know that they have new owners, new menu and have changed the name. If I drive past it, I can get the new name, but otherwise, I don't recall. Consider eating in New Paltz- favorites include Beso, the Locust Tree and the Harvest Cafe, especially if the weather is nice and you can sit outside and watch the sun go down at the Harvest.

        1. i'll recommend friends and family 2 in accord. my family [party of 20] had dinner there a few weeks ago. nice menu, friendly attentive service. i had the fruit soup [a special-cantaloupe and strawberry i think] and some yummy crabcakes absolutely stuffed with crab. no dessert for us since it was a birthday party and we brought our own cake which they graciously cut and served for us at no extra charge.



          1. Stone Ridge to Ellenville isn't THAT far... maybe 20 miles at the most. But for a visit to Aroma Thyme, I'd make the trip! As far as something less fancy- and a little funky- we love the Egg's Nest in High Falls which is maybe a couple of miles from Stone Ridge. http://www.theeggsnest.com/welcome.htm They have a pretty big menu with some emphasis on southwestern fare, but they also have decent vegetarian options, sandwiches, pastas, salads, specials, etc. Very casual and High Falls is a cute little town with a few shops and the D&H (Delaware & Hudson) Canal Museum.

            1. The name of the restaurant in the space that used to be the Rosendale Cement Company is Bywater Bistro. Has anyone tried it? The Cement Company was good,not great, but their desserts were excellent.

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                I haven't tried it, but I did spend a couple of months living in the Bywater - part of the (not-lower) ninth ward in New Orleans. So I'd hazard a guess that that's the syle of food they might serve. It's worth a try.

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                  Bywater bistro is nice bistro fair - classic French, American, lots of Japanese and east Asian presentations. The food is pretty wonderful. I've eaten there a lot over the summer and am consistently impressed. A *big* step up from the Cement company.

                  Lots of local farm ingredients, a lot of meat on the menu, too. Great steak, great salads. They were running a yellowtail tatar app that was amazing. And the panna cotta is amazing.

                2. Had a great meal a few years ago at Le Canard Enchaine, in Kingston, NY. This is the biggest city east of Stone Ridge. Their duck was excellent. The name of the restaurant refers to a nickname for the French press.


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                    Hmmm, I was told, by Jean-Jacques, that it translates to "The Crazy Duck". Since he is a kind of crazy duck himself, the name is eponymous.

                  2. i love love love this area of NY so much. it's just so beautiful and there's a lot of good stuff to see/do/eat. one of my fave places is this beer bar (about 500 on hand) in krumville called the country inn, where i believe they now have a chef from the CIA. ive not eaten there, so i cant vouch for the food, but the menu seems pretty nice, using a lot of local and seasonal ingredients and average hudson valley prices. you can check them out on the web at krumville.com. it's so off the beaten path this place, and not too far from 209. please let us know if you go!

                    also, the rec for cohen's bakery in ellenville on center street is an excellent one. everything looks amazing, and probably is. it's been awhile since i was there, but whatever i had was delish. also, the rec for the eurpoean deli is spot on too. that place is so old world. good jams, hard to find beers, snacks, meats, etc. ive never had the borscht but i bet it's good. man i hope some things in that area never change!

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                      OMG, the Country Inn in Krumville! I used to go see friends' bands play there when in college. The owner was such a great guy, he had a picture of himself in an old newspaper ad (News or NYT)for the old A&S dept stores on the wall. I was there once with someone who was drinking English ale who remarked that it should properly be drunk warm, whereas the owner promptly pulled out a metal tube with a hook on one end, pulled off the cap, filled it with warm water, and placed it in my friends' glass, hooked on the side!

                    2. Ok, it's been a few weeks since but we had a great trip with some very good food, let's see what I remember.

                      Friday we went to Aroma Thyme in Ellenville, great food, the atmosphere was very interesting with some of clientel not seeming to match the quality of food, We botha had a Kobe "Style" beef (from Australia) very good. Interestingly they had a "wine guide" who led me to a few good wines matches.

                      Saturday night we went to Northern Spy in High Falls. I liked the feel of the village in general and was a bit surprised to see a high end decorating store and kitchen store in this tiny hamlet. The food at northern psy was very good, if you go try the fried plantains.