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Aug 23, 2006 12:16 PM

Best Greasy spoon Diner in TO?

Any good suggestions? and what dishes do you recommend at these places?

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  1. Steves at Bathurst & Willson and Good Bit at Younge north of Eglinton

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    1. re: storeman

      I will second Steve's from my York days...but its been awhile...

    2. I personally love Mimi's just north of queen on the west side of bathurst. Their Sam'n Eggs (Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon) and waffles are awesome. Its also a pretty fun little spot to eat too and its cheap to boot.

      1. Not exactly a greasy spoon diner but close - I really like Tulip on Queen East. The bread comes out of a garbage bag (no joke) and the spaghetti and meatballs are runny. But for whatever reason, the place is always packed and everyone's having a good time. It's an awesome atmosphere!

        1. My personal favourite breakfast diner (a bit too clean and cheerful to be a greasy spoon) is Daybreak (SE corner of Church & Carlton). Excellent eggs florentine.

          1. Good Bite at 2463 Yonge, north of Eglinton.
            Their banquet burger is great.

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            1. re: phoenikia

              I second (third?) the Good Bite. For breakfast / brunch, get the corned beef omelette (w/ cheese).

                1. re: mtampoya

                  Goodbite is the best! I love how they make ya feel so welcome and comforted! The Homefries are some of the best in the city. Best textbook clubhouse.