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Best Greasy spoon Diner in TO?

Any good suggestions? and what dishes do you recommend at these places?

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  1. Steves at Bathurst & Willson and Good Bit at Younge north of Eglinton

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      I will second Steve's from my York days...but its been awhile...

    2. I personally love Mimi's just north of queen on the west side of bathurst. Their Sam'n Eggs (Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon) and waffles are awesome. Its also a pretty fun little spot to eat too and its cheap to boot.

      1. Not exactly a greasy spoon diner but close - I really like Tulip on Queen East. The bread comes out of a garbage bag (no joke) and the spaghetti and meatballs are runny. But for whatever reason, the place is always packed and everyone's having a good time. It's an awesome atmosphere!

        1. My personal favourite breakfast diner (a bit too clean and cheerful to be a greasy spoon) is Daybreak (SE corner of Church & Carlton). Excellent eggs florentine.

          1. Good Bite at 2463 Yonge, north of Eglinton.
            Their banquet burger is great.

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              I second (third?) the Good Bite. For breakfast / brunch, get the corned beef omelette (w/ cheese).

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                  Goodbite is the best! I love how they make ya feel so welcome and comforted! The Homefries are some of the best in the city. Best textbook clubhouse.

            2. You can't go wrong with the Good Bite or Steve's, but my personal favourite breakfast spot is the original Mars Cafe at College and Bathurst. The best French toast and corned beef hash. Jimmy has been the grillman for the last 30 years or so.

              1. mmm sounds great, thats guys I cant wait.. does this good bite place serve breakfast alll day??

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                1. My greasy spoon days are largely behind me but I enjoyed Patrician Grill on Queen near Princess and if you want medicore diner fare go to Flo's Diner in Yorkville. It's the medicoriest!

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                      Yeah, It's ON King Street across from the new condo, King Quarter, south east corner of king and sherbourne

                    2. Had a great hot hamburger at Detroit Diner on the Danforth

                      1. My current fave diner is The Bus Terminal at Danforth and Coxwell No this is not a joke! The place has been there for a very long time, and the food is great. It's actually in danger of becoming trendy, and losing it's diner status. Love their stuffed pancakes,or their grilled cheese and bacon with a side of fries!!!!

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                          Terminal has a great breakfast, and service is so quick too

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                            usually service is quick , but last time I was there, it took 45 minutes to get breakfast, and 20 before we even got coffee or orders.

                        2. Do any of these places have websites with possible menu's?

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                              Second Dangerous Dan's. The diner is a great run-down kind of hang out on the east side but delivery is great too. Always get the rib sandwich which is just gooey deliciousness.

                            2. Shanghai Cowgirl on Queen Street West, they are open till 4am on the weekend..All day (and all night) breakfast as well as other greasy goodies.

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                                what do you recomend getting at shanghai cowgirl?

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                                  Shanghai has great traditional breakfast stuff (eggs benny, steak and eggs etc.) as well as excellent chicken fried steak, burgers..The ghetto chicken is great as well. Prices are low but the place is in a "trendy" part of Queen Street and can get busy late at night..
                                  Here is a review

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                                    Not that it is a sign of quality but Jamie Oliver "the Naked Chef" ate at Shanghai when he was in Toronto.

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                                      Oliver was taken there by the Star to do an interview. Hardly a recommendation.

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                                    At Shanghai I frequently get sweet potato fries with wasabi mayo almost anytime I sit down there. Sometimes have the Shanghai noodles which are surprisingly good in texture and flavor. Haven't tried some of the more interesting items but have had the burger and chili and it's decent. The chili in particular is interesting because it's not that thick but has more fresh vegetables than one might think.

                                2. I've always been a fan of Vesta (NE corner of Bathurst & Dupont). It's only a counter, but it's been there since forever and they are open everyday (including Xmas) 24hrs. It's not fancy, but it is a classic a diner as you can get.

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                                    I was hoping Vesta would get a shout out. Always interesting people there for sure. Big fan of getting a steak and eggs at 3am after a night out.

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                                        Vesta would be the last spoon with a website! That's why it's great...

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                                          haha yes, what am I thinking? Thats the point I guess

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                                        Yes, big cheers for the Vespa. I especially like their Hollywood sandwich - a version of the club with chicken salad instead of turkey. Messy as can be, but so good!

                                        Also, I would recommend the Canary on Cherry Street (I hope it's still there.. I heard it was being closed). I used to love breakfast there after a hard night of partying.

                                    1. For me it depends what neighbourhood I am in. Some have been mentioned but here goes:

                                      College & Bathurst - Mars - at the counter with a big breakfast a paper
                                      Yonge and Eg - Good Bite - before and after the big clean up
                                      Keele and St Clair W - Purple Onion - for Steak and Eggs or just Steak
                                      Dupont and Davenport - People's Foods - for Hamburger and Onion Rings or just a big breakfast

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                                        Ive seen the good bite website, but do any of these other places have websites?

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                                          Purple Onion is very good, one of the best steak and eggs I've had. This place gets very busy on the weekends.
                                          People's is another good one, only have had their breakfast.

                                        2. Agreed on The Patrician, People's, and Mars, but I think the College St. Mars is gone now?

                                          The Lakeview Lunch used to be good, then was awful, not sure what it's like now.

                                          If you like that time-machine quality of old diners check out The Skyline on Queen W. between Brock and Lansdowne. The food typical diner fare, not outstanding but dependable.

                                          Had breakfast at Flo's today. The omelette was tasty enough, but if it was actually three eggs they must have been pretty damn small ones. The potatoes were boiled and unseasoned, and a really skimpy portion. Plus the smallest pieces of toast ever, with barely a whisper of butter. The problem seemed to be that they were understaffed, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

                                          The Canary is surely one of the most unique diner spots in the city, but I wouldn't suggest eating there anymore.

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                                            The Mars was still on College east of Bathurst the last time I passed it, about a week ago. There is a newly opened place pretty close to it. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?

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                                              KOS on College has (re)opened just west of Lippincott. Maybe that's the (new) place?

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                                              It is my opinion that Lakeview has become nasty! Eat elsewhere.

                                            3. I still eat at a greasy spoon in my neighboorhood called 'Jim's Restaurant' on Queen Street East between Logan and Carlaw. Although, it used to be way better years ago when they had different owners.

                                              A long time ago, Tom Cruise filmed a scene in the restaurant for his movie "Cocktail".

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                                                Isn't that the self-proclaimed home of TO's 'Best Western Sandwich'?

                                                They were pretty darn good actually, if I remember correctly.

                                                Have you tried Gayle's (or Gail's) at Carlaw and Eastern? I've always been curious.

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                                                  Yes, that's the place that says 'Best Western Sandwich'.

                                                  Oh, I definitely know Gail's at Carlaw and Eastern. In fact, just last week John Travolta was there shooting a movie. I was talking to the owner's daughter and they paid them $5000 for 2 days of shooting there. They turned the restaurant into a store or something for a new Hollywood movie.

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                                                    I've never been, but, I think its Gale's.

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                                                      Gales is the sketchiest looking place ever. I am always curious about it, but I dont know if I could bring myself to go in...

                                                      1. re: hungryabbey

                                                        I'm with you hungryabbey -- I ain't going in. However, I have a friend who's been and swears its good!

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                                                          Hungryabbey, you GOTTA check it out. You may be surprised. I know I was. To me it was a matter of judging a book by its cover, the bark being worse than the bite (bad metaphor...) You may be underwhelmed by how harmless the place is. I really liked the food and experience. And be sure to leave more than a 15% tip. You'll understand...

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                                                            haha well maybe. what do you recommend I order?

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                                                        I just had the Western at Zoulpy's on King E @ Princess and it may not be advertised as the best, but it's the best one I've ever had.

                                                  2. I often work the night shift as a dispatcher at Securicor at Woodfield and Eastern and often make my way to Jim's at 6 or 7 am for brekkie. I love their western sanwich, home made burgers, omelettes, bacon and eggs. Two great items are the chicken salad sandwich made with their own bbq chicken and George's famous stuffed peppers offered on special mostly wendesdays or tuesdays. Jim's is a good place. However, there is no dessert but ice cream, so that is lacking.

                                                    1. Felt like starting a new thread just to get the answer, but I'll probably have better luck on this existing thread. Here goes my question:

                                                      Has anyone actually seen this diner called Logan Grill on Gerrard Street East at the corner of Logan/Gerrard open for business? It's on the southwest corner of Gerrard. Honestly, I remember eating there when I was just a kid. Haven't seen it open for business in years, but there are no signs specifying that it's out of business. Sometimes, I think one day if I pass by there at around 7am very early I'll find it open for business.

                                                      Damn, I just wanna eat there again because I'm a nostalgic chowhound! ;)

                                                      Earlier tonight I just saw a TV commercial for Rogers mobile phone using this diner for its commercial. It's the most recent one where a guy and his pals are at the diner as he waits to hear his girlfriend say "I love you." Advertising how Rogers is superior because it has the least "drop outs" when it comes to reception etc. against other networks.

                                                      Anyone ever eat at the Logan Grill diner? If so, what bloody time do I have to drop by for some greasy bacon and eggs??? Every time I see it's always closed! :(

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                                                        They seem to be open for breakfast when someone isn't filming something there. They are never open in the evenings. I pass it every day, but I've never eaten there.

                                                        1. re: embee

                                                          For the record...Have you actually seen this place open? I live in the neighbourhood too and have never seen people eating in there. At least not in over 10 years!

                                                          1. re: YummyYummy

                                                            I would have sworn at first that I have seen people eating there, but now I'm really beginning to doubt myself. There are a couple of places on Queen that I've never seen open, but they are VERY dodgy. Logan Grill is always clean and totally respectable. They've changed their sign a couple of times since I've lived here. But I'm starting to wonder. I'll have a good look the next time I'm up early.

                                                            1. re: YummyYummy


                                                              I drove past there three times this morning. There was an "open" sign on the door and window, and I saw a total of five people eating there. However, most of the lights were off. Apparently they close around 3:00.

                                                        2. Just ate at the Logan Grill today and can't believe it was open!!! :)

                                                          1. Good Bite and Vesta are the two that come to mind for an authentic greasy spoon experience. Both are more than just a diner, they are TO landmarks.

                                                            1. Haven't been in a really long time but I used to go to the Coach House on Yonge just north of wellesley a lot.

                                                              Anyone remember Brother's where the Church of Scientology is? If it was still around definitely best greasey spoon hands down.

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                                                                Adelaide and Peter

                                                                A good decent breakfast with homefires and the luches are all under about 8 bucks.
                                                                Many different selections.

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                                                                  Detroit Diner ~ 389 Danforth near Chester. You will find some of the best diner food on the planet there. The eggs and peameal are guaranteed to cure any hangover woes you may have. If you are a Leafs fan take head the place is a shrine to the Red Wings.