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Aug 23, 2006 11:34 AM

Blue Potatoes

I've never cooked with these before, any ideas?

I was thinking of just cutting them and drizzling with olive oil and some herbs, but I'm tired of that!


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  1. I just made some blue ones a couple of nights ago on the grill and they were great. In the past, I've steamed them and roasted them, and they were wonderful that way too. Really, they're just a spud of a different color. :-)

    1. The colored ones aren't that great for mashing. Their texture is kinda grainy... I like them for roasting or even better, frying... :) We make awesome hashbrowns with them! :)


      1. They make a beautiful cold salad with an equal amount of fresh lightly steamed green beans, some carrot shreds and roasted red pepper strips and a basil vinaigrette. Toss in some grated parmesan, too.