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Aug 23, 2006 10:56 AM

Gochi or Saizo?

Which would you recommend for a group of 6-7? Which has better food? We've been to Tanto at both locations and liked it, thought we'd like to try some place different. Thanks!

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  1. Saizo is better for yakitori/deep fried stuff, while Gochi is better for the other stuff.

    I like Tanto more than Saizo or Gochi.

    1. How/where would you factor Sumiya into this group?

      1. Tanto is still my favorite. Saizo and Gochi tie for second place. Sumiya has not reached its consistency, should wait for another month.

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          Thanks - have you been there recently? Any comments from anyone else?

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              Hi Wendy_san,
              I'm not vwoo but here's a link that will get you the address info., etc. for Sumiya:

            2. I'm liking Gochi better than Saizo overall and especially because it's more lively for going out with friends. It has more fusion-y touches, but also some very traditional dishes. We've been loving the "pizza" and it has a big selection of shoju. Saizo has some delicious dishes, e.g., yakitori and anything that comes off the grill, but a smaller selection. I haven't been to either Tanto location for over a year, seemed to stumble, but maybe they're back up again.

              1. It has been several years since I've been to the San Jose location of Tanto, but given that the head chef from there is now at the Sunnyvale location (unless this info has changed and he has moved on like the next hottest Chinese banquet chef), I would bet that Sunnyvale is the better one to go. Last I heard the owners of Sushi Sam's and Sushi Tomi dine there on their nights off.

                Never had dinner at Gochi but saw their dinner menu during a lunch visit. They have a similar variety to Tanto, with some unique offerings. As Melanie said, Saizo's selection is smaller but they are pretty strong in yakitori/skewered items (the unagikimo/unakimo aka unagi liver is great). In addition Saizo is a smaller place, so it might get a bit crowded. Reservations strongly recommended at both places either way.

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                  Forgot to mention that Gochi has floor seating with the wells. I don't think that Saizo has this.

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