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Aug 23, 2006 07:29 AM

China Buffet in Norristown/Trooper

Most Chinese restaurants I have been to in the King of Prussia/Norristown/Wayne area offer a limited variety of dishes in their lunch buffet.

I stopped off briefly at the shopping plaza in Trooper, PA (2739 West Main St., Norristown, PA) across from the Firestone Auto Repair facility. I noticed what looked like a new Chinese restaurant (it is billing itself as "New Opening" for new managment, I guess). I expected to see the usual limited fare. Surprise. At least four areas of food, including the usual Chinese dishes. What was interesting was that among the many dishes were FOUR kinds of soup, sushi, salmon fillets, seafood dishes, and many many desserts.

These dishes did not look like they were of gourmet quality, but at $5.75 for all you can eat, Monday through Saturday for a lunch buffet, this restaurant is offering something attractive for the budget minded who want a large variety of food to choose from, at a very reasonable cost. Dinner buffets are $7.99 during the week. Weekend prices are a few dollars more (except for the Saturday lunch buffet).

I did not see vegetarian dishes featuring tofu. Their main menu is very limited regarding vegetarian dishes.

I hope this restaurant attracts customers, because for the variety of food they put out, they will need many customers to support their quantity and this area does not offer any other such restaurants with this kind of spread of food to choose from at these prices. I hope to try the food in the near future. I look forward to reviews of any lovers of Chinese food who try this place. (I would not expect these dishes to be described as "gourmet quality" but rather as acceptable for a $5.75 all you can eat buffet.)

I believe there is a similar Chinese restaurant that offers a buffet with a large variety of food at various "food stations", located near Germantown Pike on the other side of Norristown, up by Rte 202.

China Buffet is primarily buffet, seven days a week, lunch and dinner (although you can order from the menu).

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  1. spring for a better buffet at minado. what variety and quality. good place to eat with a crowd or by yourself. its at 2915 swede rd, east norrition, pa 610-277-7375. it's a chain with 5 locations in ny, nj & ma. go figure why they put one here but thanks. yummy is all i can say. but so much to choose from! i love and hate buffets!

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      I have seen pictures of the display at Minado and its variety and display of sushi and other dishes is beautiful and bountiful. It should be noted that this restaurant is not for those budget minded. But it looks like you get what you pay for.

    2. It is pricey, but worth it, especially, if you like Sushi. You can easily spend more than this at any dedicated Sushi bar, and not have near as much variety, freshly made.

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        Let's not breeze by mentioning Minado...... a 30 dollar buffet sounds pricey, but for a sushi head, think about it, it's a steal. The sushi selection is about 40-50 feet of variety, small plates rotated very quickly. A bonus are the large boats of the irregular ends they cut up and offer. The sushi buffet alone would be worth the price, but the equally long selection of cold salads are delicious. As well as the raw oysters, snow crab legs (which i usually avoid), an entire line of hot dishes, grilled calamari, whole bluefish, the teriyakis are top notch. On top of that, they offer a walk-up hibachi grill. The desserts are small little bites which are ho-hum, nothign special. But after all that, who needs dessert.
        I am an eater, this place is great. We go probably twice a month.

        2917 Swede Rd, Norristown, PA 19401

      2. Save your money. I stopped during dinnertime on 7/25. There was very little to be offered. The General Tso's and mushroom chicken were both soggy. The sweet & sour chicken was under cooked. on the chill table was a pan with 2 dozen grapes, 1 with a small chunk of pineapple and little else.
        Overall a very disappointing visit and not worth the 8.25

        1. The other similar Chinese buffet restaurant is Blue Ginger, next to Big Lots in the old Kmart shopping center. I was there a few weeks ago. They have an interesting mix of offerings; highlighted by frogs legs. They did offer sushi, a few not-so-great looking rolls were out on the buffet but there was a "raw bar" which included made to order sushi. I did not try the sushi. Maybe next time. I believe it was 11 dollars (it was a few weeks ago). It wasnt a top notch chinese buffet, but they did offer some entertaining items. WAY better than the above mentioned Chinese Buffet in trooper. I will take better note of the items on my next trip. A footnote: Iman indian buffet is a few doors down is a good intro to indian food in buffet form. Worth a try.

          Chinese Buffet
          219 Hampton Ave, Punxsutawney, PA 15767