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Aug 23, 2006 05:47 AM

POM= that pomegranate juice

Is it really THAT healthy?

what are some other good, healthy drinks (the "good" part scratches out Kombucha).

they have a new tea...anyone try it? Good for a "detox"?

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  1. I've tried it. Nothing special. Overpriced. Awkward packaging - easy to spill the tea when you remove the top paper closure. You are paying for the container, not the tea. I happen to love Kombucha, but I guess you either love it or hate it. I make my own ice tea. It's easy; it's cheap (even if you are using super-premium tea) and you can have whatever flavor your little heart desires. In the morning, I simply brew up a large pot of tea in a pot with an infuser. I leave it sitting on the counter all day. It cools down soon enough and when I want ice tea, I simply pour some over ice. I throw out any remaining tea at the end of the day and start over the next day. As I said, it works for me and I definitely get better quality ice tea than I could buy pre-packaged. If I want to take it with me, I put it in my "T Buddy," which is one of the greatest things since sliced bread.

    1. least the ones I've had are way too acidic....

      yeah...I saw that packaging on that bottle and thought of Voss water.

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        The only way to get light, flavorful kombucha is to make your own. My boyfriend insisted that we try some commercial kombucha to make sure mine was "right." (I had tasted commercial before, he hadn't and was sure I was trying to poison him).

        All the commercial ones we tried were way too vinegary, with the exception of those mixed heavily with juices and teas (what's the point, then?).

        Home brewed kombucha is fizzy, has the mouthfeel of champagne (no, really, it does. I'm not just tooting my own horn), and is only very slightly tangy. I wish everyone could try it just once.

        Aside from kombucha, I make my own iced tea all the time too. It's easy and I know exactly what's in it. There's almost no commercial juice/tea out there that's delicious and sugar free, and I would much rather use up my sugar calories eating decadent food than chugging a glass of juice.

        1. re: Xericx

          speaking of packaging..i stole this from my friend. i bought one of those pom things once and i reuse the glass container for other beverages. i work around the corner from my place, so it's handy for homemade iced teas and such, because of the lid. just in case your curiosity gets the better of you and you don't have a thermos handy.

        2. Pomegranates, along with blueberriers are chock full of antioxidants so why not just enjoy a whole pomegranate or some blueberries? That way you are also getting the fiber from the fruit which you don't get from the juice.


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          1. re: j2brady

            I did eat a basket of blueberries last night.

            1. re: Xericx

              It's hard to snack on pomegranates, but very easy to squeeze the juice out of one. Nudge the seeds out of them under water so you don't spray yourself with red juice. Then drain them, blitz lightly in a blender, and strain the juice out.

              But I agree that snacking on fruit is much healthier than getting the nutrients in juice form, and will keep you full longer. Think about it: if you have a basket of strawberries, how long will it take you to eat them as a snack? Now envision blending the entire basket with a cup of orange juice. You'll end up with about a pint of liquid. Now how long will it take you to finish the entire basket (along with a cup of juice)?

            2. re: j2brady

              Because the produce grocery buyer's mind is geared to pomegranetes are only to be stocked in Nov. amd Dec. and then you have to wait a year unless you live where it is possible too grow your own.

            3. I love the Pom - a great mixer for cocktails.

              On the same front, Trader Joe's is selling Aronia Berry Juice that is higher in anti-oxidants and equally as thick and powerful.

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              1. re: Carrie 218

                Does Costco still carry Aronia Juice? They used to a few years ago.....

              2. POM is not 100% pomegranate juice, there's another kind of juice mixed in, can't remember what (apple?), but they obviously mixed in another juice to make it sweeter and thereby appeal to the masses. Also, it's pasteurized. RW Knudsen has a 100% pomegranate juice, also pasteurized, but at least not diluted. TJ's has one too, but the RW Knudsen tastes better to me.

                If you can get lots of pomegranates, best to juice them yourself. My mom has a pomegranate tree and we are blessed with very fresh, unadulterated juice with all the antioxidant benefits.

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                1. re: slacker

                  I use the 100% Pommegranate Juice from TJs... I also use it for mixers... A bit of Pommegranite, a bit of sparkling lemonade and a shot of Lemoncello... :)


                  1. re: Dommy

                    The SF Chronicle just did a taste test of various pomegranate juices. Naked Juice came out ahead, followed by TJ's. Pomegranate juice is often cheaper at Middle Eastern markets, but I haven't compared ingredient lists to see if the product is comparable.

                    Edit: oops, Ruth beat me to the punch on the Chronicle article (below)

                    1. re: Dommy

                      Mmmmmmm sounds good! Think I'll try that.

                      1. re: Dommy

                        Isn't pomegranate juice a major ingredient in Grenadine??

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                          Dommy, try Pama the pomegranate liqueur as a mixer or a shot in bubbly instead of oj. Yummy stuff!

                        2. re: slacker

                          You are so lucky to have a pomegranate tree!

                          Where are you located? I am interested to know where they grow. I am in Toronto and I do not think they grow here.


                          1. re: j2brady

                            I'm in Los Angeles, as is my mom. Her tree produces lots of fruit every year.

                            btw, for the jarred juice, I think the RW Knudsen tastes closest to fresh.

                            1. re: j2brady

                              The grow like gang-busters out here in southern Arizona, too.