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Aug 23, 2006 05:32 AM

cheesecake on a stick

just watched food network and saw them showing a bunch of different cheesecakes on a stick and then covering in them chocolates and candy. sounds like a great idea huh? anyone tried it at home?

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  1. No, but I've always wanted to make cheesecake on lollipop sticks. It seems so easy. Scoop cheesecake into a ball, spear it onto a lollipop stick, use the stick to dip the ball in chocolate, and cover in cocoa powder, toasted nuts, dried coconut, etc.

    1. My husband and I made cheesecakesickles years ago and found that we had to either add more thickening agents to make it hold together well on a stick, or else chill the cheesecake bars down until they were nearly frozen. Either way either the texture or the flavor was impaired and we were never able to make them taste as good as regular cheesecake.

      1. I don't particularly care for Key lime pie, nor dark chocolate, but Key lime pie on a stick is definitely heaven. :-)