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Aug 23, 2006 05:27 AM

Seeking Enchiladas anywhere in the OB por favor

Seeking really well-stuffed beef or chicken enchiladas with an excellent tomato based red sauce covered with melted cheese. No mole or tomatillos this time around. Anywhere in the outer boros. Good guac would be a bonus.

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  1. Am I stuck asking a day laborer?

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      I think I know the kind of enchiladas you want: I used to make them a lot. However, I haven't found them in any of the Mexican restaurants where I've tried enchiladas in NYC. Most of the enchiladas in the real Mexican (i.e. Pueblan) restaurants around Jackson Heights are not baked in the oven and don't have a lot of sauce or melted cheese. I think those are more the Tex-Mex or Cal-Mex variety that we're used to. I personally like them better than the ones I've had in restaurants around here but I can only recommend that you go to someplace like El Torito or On the Border or something. I don't think most day laborers will know of any.

    2. I haven't tried their other enchiladas, but the enchiladas mole at La Hacienda (north side of Roosevelt Ave. just east of the 61st St. #7 train entrance) are surprisingly good. The place is set back from the street, up the steps. It's worth a shot. If you find something good, let me know. BTW, you can always request "queso extra" and see if that helps.

      1. I agree with La Hacienda. You also might want to try El Jarro (De Mole), which has many mentions on this board. 48th Ave. & 45th St. in Sunnyside. However, JH Jill above is correct, if it's Tex-Mex style burritos you seek you are probably out of luck at any of the serious Mexican places around, since most Mexicans in these parts come from Puebla and make their enchiladas quite differently.

        On place that does come to mind, even though I didn't like it all that much, is El Rincon Familiar on 5th Ave. between Park Slope and Sunset Park. They specialize in Tex-Mex food and are probably a bit better than the chains.