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Aug 23, 2006 05:11 AM

La Estrella (Foothill and Altadena) - soooo good!

just thought i'd post this in case someone doesn't pull up a response to the "sooo bad" post.

there are three locations and the altadena/foothill location is owned by the husband. the fish taco is killer. i'm crave it constantly.

the fish is fresh and crisp with a healthy layer of cabbage and crema and just enough hot sauce. put out the fire with a little horchata.

la estrella tacos
2525 e foothill blvd
corner of altadena and foothill
coming east on the 210, exit altadena drive, right and go two blocks

*this post is about the foothill/altadena location only. it does not apply to the fair oaks or orange grove locations. i have been to fair oaks twice this year and have never been to the orange grove location.

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  1. Are they connected with the locations on N Fair Oaks, Figueroa and Orange Grove? My friend was asking if they were connected.
    If so, then yes, the fish tacos are very good, as well as their al pastor and carne asada. Their fish ceviche is extremely good!
    I have never been to the Foothill location, but have been to all the others.

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    1. re: WildSwede

      so many fractured posts. sorry about that. as referenced in another post (not intuitive, i know), they used to be connected, but because of divorce, are no longer connected. they do, however, retain the same name.


      sorry for the confusion.

    2. I saw your other post (regarding the husband and wife split of La Estrella) and found that interesting and now, very self-explanatory. I've also thought the quality of food at the Fair Oaks location has declined and never realized why. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. I've driven by the Foothill location but assumed it was a knock off of the name. Knowing what I know now, I'm sure I'll be by there in the next few days to try it. Thanks for the good information!

      1. I went there 2 nights ago and did not feel like having fish tacos so I tried 2 El Pastors and 1 Asada tacos @ $1.10 each. The place was very clean and actually offered indoor seating, unlike the original location on Fair Oaks. The service was good, friendly and prompt. I got my tacos and the presentation looked a lot like the tacos served at the Fair Oaks location. The difference was these seemed to taste less greasy and more seasoned packed with good flavor. I liked what I saw and ate and I'm now anxious to back and try the fish tacos among other interesting things on their menu. Thanks for heads-up!