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Aug 23, 2006 04:16 AM

Wedding rehearsal dinner in Carmel [moved from SF Bay board]

We're getting married in May and are looking for a place for a rehearsal dinner for about 40-50 people near Carmel Valley. Doesn't necessarily need to be fancy, just nice with good food and atmosphere. Thanks.

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  1. There are lots of places in the general area that do banquets or large groups, so a little further clarification might help: Do you want a private room? What do you expect to spend per person? How "near" Carmel Valley does it need to be?

    1. Preferably within 10-15 minutes with a private room if possible (OK if not). Hoping to keep the cost $40 or less per person, not including beverages. Thanks.

      1. Not sure where you'll be in the Carmel Valley, but if you're not too far out, that puts you in range of most of the Carmel and Monterey restaurants. You might check some of these, all of which do large groups/banquets:

        Rio Grill, Crossroads Shopping Center, Carmel,
        Bahama Billy's, Barnyard Shopping Center, Carmel,
        Tarpey's Roadhouse, Monterey-Salinas Highway (aka Hwy 68), Monterey,
        Il Fornaio, Ocean Ave, Carmel,
        Stokes Adobe, Hartnell, Monterey

        Further afield, but fun and with a drop-dead view (but maybe too expensive) is Roy's at Spanish Bay (Pebble Beach), overlooking the ocean and the Links at Spanish Bay.

        You might also have a look at this list of banquet/group facilities (which looks to be slightly out of date):

        1. I'd take a look at Corkscrew Café in Carmel Valley. Very pretty but I'm not sure about the costs. At least you have a great area to try out places.

          1. I got married in Carmel Valley and we had our rehearsal dinner at Tarpy's. It was great, we had the whole outdoor area. It was actually a reharsal late lunch, not sure if it would be warm enough at night. We also looked at Piatti in Carmel. They have a great rooftop spot, but it was a little to small for us. I don't remember the headcount allowed there.

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              Tarpy's also has a private room upstairs that would work. Stoke's Adobe also has several private rooms of verying sizes.