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Aug 23, 2006 04:10 AM

Best Carne Asada Burrito in Arizona?

Curious to see what other people here think.

I nominate Filiberto's.

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  1. I love Fili-B's, really I do. In fact, I eat there several times a week lol... however, after spending some time in Tucson, I have to say that there is a chain there called Losbetos that puts Filiberto's to shame. But in the Phoenix area, Filiberto's wins hands-down!

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    1. re: allison325

      Eriberto's on Osborn and 7th avenue. I also love their carne asada quesadilla

      1. re: AZBconcierge

        I'll give a nod to Eriberto's. I work nearby, and frequently drop by for lunch. I'm always down for a couple of their (very large) carne asada tacos.

      2. re: allison325

        Los betos also has stores up here in Phoenix. I know of one on Hayden just north of Thomas. I agree with the loving Filiberto's. So far my biggest problem with them is that the quality differs so far from store to store. For example, I have not been satisfied with anything I've gotten at the Filibertos on Southern west of Dobson.

        1. re: nyomi

          we used to hit that los betos on hayden north of thomas all the time. over time the quality went way downhill. chunks of fat and very little meat in the green chile plate (several times). carnitas not very appetizing. really turned us off.

          since then, that niche has been filled for us by fiesta burrito on 74th street & mcdowell. have a drive through & the quality of the food has been regularly great. we were pretty bummed out on hayden/thomas los betos' decline as it's quite close. we now choose to make the drive to fiesta.

          did note there is a filiberto's on macdonald & granite reef and have wanted to try that ever since reading positive feedback here.

          1. re: ccl1111

            I think you're thinking of Los Favoritos, 8489 E Mcdonald Dr, Scottsdale AZ. My last visit to that location was not very good. I believe I had a chorizo breakfast burrito, and it was too dry for my taste.

            1. re: johnseberg

              i think you're right. thanks for the heads up! i'll search out another.

          2. re: nyomi

            I agree with you about Fiesta Burrito on McDowell Road and 74th Street. It is FABULOUS! Very fresh, inexpensive, and delish!!!

            1. re: phoenixfoodie

              filibertos on Indian school and 32nd st-esque never fails, but Armando's on 40th and Thomas has killer carne asada (tacos, burritos, fries).

              Super Burrito on Scottsdale Rd is decent too, but I love their choizo.

              1. re: ValleyFever

                I had a carne asada burrito from Armando's yesterday and was pretty disappointed with it - the meat was just ok, the guacamole was pretty bad and the pico de gallo had far too much onion (perhaps it had been sitting too long). Not sure what they used to be like, but I don't think I'd go back.

                1. re: azhotdish

                  I believe it, Any of those taquerias can be hit or miss, and if the guac is bad, you might as well throw the whole thing away.

        2. There's a Filiberto's in Tucson. So with Los Betos in PHX in Filiberto's in TUS, you'd think we could get a definitive answer on which is the best of those two? I've got to try Filiberto's (on East 22nd in TUS). I havn't had the regular carne asada burritos at Los Betos, but I have had their "California Burrito" which has fries and carne asada in it. It was ok, but I still miss the California burritos from Santana's in Yucca Valley & 29 Palms in CA. I love the carne asada caramelos at El Guero Canelo; suppose I should go for a field trip and try their burritos and report back, eh? I LOVE having an excuse to eat carne asada burritos!

          1. The very best carne asada burro (not burrito) is indeed in Tucson. It's called El Guerro Canelo, it's on 12th st. in south tucson and with out a doubt it is the best. I have tried them all too, Losbetos, Filibertos, Nico's, El Gorrion, La Indita and a litany of others and El Guerro is the best. It will ruin you for carne asada. They opened another one up near Grant and Oracle not too long ago too, but if it's your first time, go to the original.

            1. i can't believe folks are waxing rhapsodic over filibertos. personally? i'd rather eat jack in the box than suffer one of those atrocities. EWWW

              the best carne asada burro's come from 3 spots - carolina's, rito's, or phoenix ranch market. much tastier, much fresher, better ingredients and much cleaner!!!!!!!!!! have you read some of the inspections for the filiberto's chain? come on now!!!

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              1. re: winedubar

                Thank you, winedubar, for expressing my surprise about the accolades for Filibertos. I mean really, Chowhounders, there have to be more options for quality carne asada; this is Phoenix for crying out loud! Haven' t tried the carne asada at Carolinas, am guessing it is pretty tasty considering everything else there is tasty.

                1. re: ginael

                  I go to Carolina's about once a week, and I don't know if carne asada is on the menu.

                  1. re: johnseberg

                    It is not on the menu. Too bad cause it would pair up great with those amazing tortillas.

              2. Fili and Betos are both good. I love Betos pollo asado and Filiberto's chorizo.