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Aug 23, 2006 03:36 AM

where to buy organic food in canada

hey - i would appreciate any heads up as to where i can buy reasonably priced organic and good quality food for the family in canada, specifically british columbia and alberta. we will probably be moving to somewhere in that region soon and i am spoiled by trader joe's here in ca. is there a similar food chain across the border?

many thanks for any help!

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  1. oh god I miss trader joe's. When I went to LA last month I was there 9 times in 5 days. My husband simply arched one eyebrow when he returned to the hotel room that looked like the trader joe's stockroom.

    there is no similar chain here. There is considerably more choice in BC. There you have Whole Foods, Capers, Choices and most large stores carry a fair amount of organic products. Capers has also just opened up a new, huge location on Cambie Street.

    Calgary: Planet Organic (south of the city) and Community Foods. Those are the two major stores that carry exclusively organic/natural goods. The lack of choice here in the city is very frustrating. You can also find a few organic booths at the Currie Barracks farmer's market. There is a new booth there selling roasted organic chickens when you can't face doing it on your own.

    Hope that helps! But my suggestion would be to stock up at trader joe's before you come! I am heading to Tucson this month and have already located its three locations!

    1. In Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Calgary there is also the SPUD (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery).

      1. In Edmonton:
        Planet Organic, The Big Fresh, Organic Roots Food Market

        Also many of the regular chain grocery stores have a small selection of organic fruits and vegetables, as well as a few dry goods (usually in their "health" section).

        1. In Calgary there is a place called Second to None Meats located on 4th St. SW and 21 Ave. Smaller place but all they sell is fresh natural beef, pork and chicken. They also have a selection of natural vegetables and eggs. They also carry all the Jam Lady products.

          1. Regina's Fine Meats at the Blackfoot market also offers all natural products, no preservatives, etc. Not organic, but her products are natural and delicious. Her European Wieners are amazing.