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Aug 23, 2006 02:50 AM

anyone tried WOLFGANG PUCK downtown at 6th and grand?

it's opened recently.

i think it's just a lunch take out, but i'm intrigued. and there are no reviews of it up.

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  1. I tried it for takeout a couple weeks ago and it was OK, but they messed up my order. I wanted to sample their 4-cheese ravioli described as having a pesto sauce. When I got back to the office it turned out the raviolis were in a very garlicy marinara and they forgot to include the bread.

    The raviolis were cooked well and the marinara tasted fresh, but there were big some chunks of undercooked garlic pieces and the plastic packaging seemed to flavor the food a little. I'm in no hurry to go back but would consider trying again if I am all out of lunch ideas.

    1. I have tried it as well, it is not only take out they have seating as well. It is a "fast casual" kind of place, if you sit you get a number.... not really that fast though.
      I tried 2 different paninis on 2 different occasions. they were just ok... bread kind of thin.
      The homemade chips that come with were nearly burnt both times. there is also a case with takeaway cold sandwiches wraps salads & drinks.
      Not too impresses but there is always a line out the door... I think Corner Bakery 8th/Fig is better (or was at least I haven't been there in a long time)
      That block also has a teriyaki bowl place (haven't tried) and a salad place (Loose Leaf) which is very good (but spendy), and a new Subway.

      1. went once. Called in an order, had to wait in line half an hour, and they still got it wrong. What we did get wasn't all that. Pass.

        1. Went with a friend for lunch recently and wasn't impressed. I had a turkey and brie panini and my friend had the ginger glazed salmon. The salmon was overdone and dry. The panini was okay, but i've had a much better sandwich at Mendocino's in the Water Court (the turkey tasted like the stuff you buy from the grocery store and there were a few limp pieces of some green lettuce type thing, but the brie was nice and oozing out from between the bread). Fries were decent, but not special. I feel like I ended up paying way too much for the food and wasn't particularly satisfied at the end.

          On the other hand, the pizzas looked pretty good. If I ever go back (doubtful), i'll see how the pizzas taste.