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Aug 23, 2006 02:10 AM

LA eater - weekend grub in sf

good times guys, really good...

without dwelling too much on your friendly bars had some tasty vittles and wondering what you think and tips for next time:

carne asada pura (no rice/beans) burrito at pancho villa. this was solid carne asada with only cheese and hot sauce/salsa. nice hot sauces and jarritos. the steamed burrito shell wasn't what i was used too but it really held that meat in there good and made hossing it down ez.

veal piccata, alfredo, antipasta at firenze by night on stockton. i liked this joint. not too pricy or fancy, the food was good/we were hammered and it really hit the spot.

nice pakistani kabob sandwich across street from pancho villa, pakwar or something like that on 16th st...

4 pork bao and 4 shrimp dumplings at some joint in chinatown for $2.20 total -- saving up coin for more drinks, filling breakfast and hooking our dog up with a fantasy all at the same time (until the chicken got his head cut off, but that's another story)...

my highlight no comparison: cannoli and espresso from the stella bakery on columbus...i wish i had one right now!

top bars: saloon (drinking brew on street to free sax blues band), gino and carlos (free italian food), somethinglike 'mr pibbs' on columbus closer to china town (vague memories of shots), vesuvios, some biker bar near the embarcadero...those are the honorable mentions

thanks sf -- excellent times and great grub indeed!

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  1. Was hoping to get some info from you SF hounds...just because the Dodgers won this weekend don't hold it against me!

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        1. re: jessejames

          Not hardly. Those might be the only two acceptable ones.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            will check other one out -- stella's was awesome.