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Aug 23, 2006 01:49 AM

The Nook

I've heard a lot about The Nook on these boards, but never from anywhere else...and I think I am going tomorrow night. What's good? what's it like? etc etc.

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  1. Nook is tucked into the back corner of a minimall on the south side of Santa Monica Blvd. and Barry, one block east of Barrington. I like the mac'n'cheese to share as a starter, others laud the mussels. Most entrees are in the high teens -- their fine burger a bit less, the flatiron steak a bit more. I've enjoyed the shortribs and mashed potatoes, the chicken paillard was heavy on the mustard and light on the lemon in the sauce. Tables along the north wall are close together and lend to discussions between neighbors. A large communal table nearer the bar. Good service when I've been. Excellent value. Enjoy and report back!

    1. Funny you should ask, we just went today for lunch.

      The room is kind of industrial, there are two booths, the smaller of which would be nice to get next time.

      I had a delicious squash/shitake mushroom soup for a starter. It was originally offered as creamless mushroom/potatosoup, but that changed after I ordered it, so I went for the creamless squash mushroom and was happy with that choice. My husband & son both ordered the mac 'n' cheese with caesar salad, and I got the burger, which was on a "rustic bread", sort of like a rectangular roll, w/sauteed onions, gruyere, & arugula, plus a mixed green salad on the side. It was large; I ate half & shared the rest with my family. We were all pleased with our choices.

      The complimentary boiled peanut appetizer was the only unfinished offering, not our cup of tea.

      For dessert, we split the brownie bowl with vanilla ice cream (my fave of the 2) and a chocolate pot de creme (our son's top pick).

      Two glasses of Gladiator chardonnay & two ginger ales.

      Total with 20% tip, around $85.

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        That also included a shot of espresso.

      2. I love their curried lentil with baby spinach salad. Delicate and delicious combination of flavors! The bread pudding is one of the best I've had.

        1. If you want a relatively light meal (and light on the pocketbook too), Nook makes a nice caesar salad that you can have topped with seared albacore ($13 or so???). Ask for the alabcore seared as rare as the kitchen will do it and you have a nice light meal. Sometimes my GF and I will split an order of the gruyere bread pudding or the mac/cheese along with two of those salads - almost always satisfied.

          My friend once ordered the shrimp and grits entree and loved it beyond all measure. That dish includes some kind of sausage as well.

          I only wish The Nook had a wider wine-by-the-glass selection.

          1. Nook is a great litle place. I like their maple-mustard ribeye served with crispy onion rings over sauteed apples. For a lighter meal, I also like the chicken paillard. Short ribs are also well prepared and very satisfying.