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Aug 23, 2006 01:47 AM

What are some favorite restaurants that a lot of people seem to like?

I'm at a loss based on the pevious thread of all the bad "good" places. Are there any unanimous favorites?

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  1. Lucques, Valentino's, AOC generally deliver on great reputations.

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      I seem to recall Lucques being near the top of the list of places that *don't* deliver on their great reputation, in the "bad-good-places" thread.

      1. re: Steve Green

        i've never had a bad experience or meal at lucques.

    2. Seems to me much of the fav's are expensive! - 25$+ p.p. Except maybe the Asian places...:)KQ

      1. What kind of food do you want? How much do you want to pay? Where are you willing to go for this food, or where are you and how far will you drive? Is a big or fancy wine list important to you? A full bar? A trendy scene? Beautiful people? People of the restaurant's ethnicity eating there? A dive with great food?

        Speak up, man!

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          1. I'd be kind of horrified if there were any unanimous favorites. How mediocre do you have to be for everyone to like what you do? (I'm a writer. If I wrote a book that was universally acclaimed I'd be happy to spend the money but creatively speaking I'd be worried about what I'd done.) I figure that a good restaurant, fast food stand, food cart or wagon or whatever, to be really good, needs to have some sort of character of its own, something that makes it stand out. If that's the case, then someone's not going to like it. I think the secret of the success of the chains is that they deliver dependably mediocre food without any real character at low prices. They cater to the lowest common denominator.

            I think J&J Shanghai and Ya Ya's Burgers are great restaurants with real character. They've never disappointed me. Same goes for Water Grill, Tres Venizie and Saddlepeak Lodge at the higher end. I've had both good meals and bad meals at New Concept, Angelini Osteria, Matsuhisa and Babita, but I respect them for what they try to do.

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              An eatery, pushcart to palace, which serves good food with good service at a good price, has all the character I require.

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                taqueria sanchez, the one on centinela.
                remember they close at 7 on the weekdays.

                i'll vouch for the shrimp toastada, the shrimp tacos, and the mojarra frito (sp?).

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                Agree - if there were unanimous favorites:
                1. they would be mobbed and all the other places would go broke
                2. there would be no need for this board
                3. we wouldn't be humans
                I personally don't think any of the 3 mentioned (Lucques, Valentino, and AOC) are worth the $ and/or hassle. As regards especially AOC, there is an old drug company aphorism - "the only good drug is a new drug" - that applies to restaurants.

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                  Intersting perspective - I'm glad you brought it to the board.