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Aug 23, 2006 01:42 AM

Good Sushi and other restaurants in Harrisburg (Near Widener Law School)?

Hi all, I am new Law student at Widener Law School in Harrisburg, and I need some help finding the GOOD places around here. I am not a student in the food sense, and don't mind spending for a good meal. I really like sushi so we can start there, and I eat pretty much anything (not real spicy), so any insight would be greatly appreciated. I tried Miyako for Sushi on 2nd street, and it was alright, but nothing great.

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  1. Try Passage to India, located at the Comfort Inn on Front Street. I don't eat in Harrisburg that often, but it is the best place I've found in the area so far.

    I had a truly miserable meal at Miyako... A friend took me to Little Tokyo, which I thought was much better.

    1. Try Mangia Qui and Suba, on the corner of North & 3rd. Mangia Qui is a really nice southern Italian restaurant and Suba is their newly-opened tapas restaurant.

      Also, a little further into Midtown is Jackie Blue, a cool bar/restaurant that serves excellent seafood and other stuff as well.

      Really good food in HBG is hard to come by -- these are the two best restaurants we've found in the year we've been here.

      1. WhatIf Cafe on N 6th St in the city is also great. And not too far from the Law school.
        If you're downtown, try Bricco. It's a new restaurant & the food is top notch.

        1. The only good sushi I found in all of central pa in my 3 years there was Sapporo East in Mechanicsburg. I disagree on Mangia Qui - prefer that restaurant in the old Fire House (can't remember the name).