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Aug 23, 2006 01:39 AM

Going to Bayview Inn in Jamesport, LI for dinner...what to order...what to expect?

On Chowhound recs, we are going to Bayview Inn for dinner next Thursday. Can you compare it to another restaurant in the area? I understand it's casual and not really on the water, but has a water view.

And most importantly, what to order?

Their website does not show the restaurant the the motel part looks pretty cheesey.


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  1. It's a block away from the water, there is an empty lot between so you can see the water if that's important (although they have the lot up for sale so next year may be different). I think it's a really old place that used to be on the water and then the tides of time deposited sand which brought it inland more, better that washing away I guess.

    I would compare it to The Cooperage before they expanded and went downhill. They have the friendliest waitresses and if you ask them to recommend something, they won't steer you wrong. Last time we went my husband got the porterhouse and declared it better than any steakhouse he could remember. I LOVED the lobster ceviche app and we had some kind of oysters prepared in a different way, sorry I can't remember exactly as it was a few months ago. But anything you get will be great, including the side dishes. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for the info! I will report back.

      1. Thanks for the rec COLL!

        We went to Bayview last night for dinner and were impressed. It's another place that we discussed not putting on Chowhound, so we would able to get a table without hassle, but here I am.

        Although we reserved the porch, we happily ended up in the cozy main dining room. We felt the porch was a bit drab, but I think the weather was a factor. Maybe some new wood floors and better lighting would draw us out there next time. The carpet was just not attractive.

        The hostess and owner of this family run place, Pat, was a doll and made us feel right at home.

        The menu was impressive...lots to choose from. I ordered the crab cakes for an app which I rarely do, b/c I think "mine" are the best and they were truly delicious (better than Star Boggs) and here you get two crab cakes for $12. Others ordered the iceberg wedge (very good) and the onion soup (good broth..not enough onions).

        For dinner I got the much mentioned ribeye with gorgonzola and roasted shallots. Another delicious choice. Although the potato du jour was disappointing (one boiled red bliss potato?), the veggie medley was fresh and not overcooked. Others ordered the filet mignon...cooked to perfection, but that one red bliss potato threw us again. And lastly the veal chop....very impressive with blue cheese polenta and chantrelles. Attn: Chowhounders...nothing on the menu is over $30...incredible!!!

        For dessert we went for the brownie sundae...brownie on the bottom... brownie on the top and ice cream/hot fudge and fresh whipped cream. A perfect ending.

        After Bayview we stopped in to Jededaiah Hawkins and fell in love. We met one of the owners who was happy to give us some history on the place and told us of the upcoming Fall/Winter events like wine dinners and celebrity chef events. The place was buzzing and the decor was just lovely. Too bad we live so close and won't have the opportunity to spend the night, but next up dinner at Jededaiah!!! For those on a budget the cheese and wine sitting from 4-5:30 looks like a nice way to enjoy this estalishment at $19.95 pp.