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Aug 23, 2006 01:22 AM

Shake Shack Tomorrow

I work in Long Island City and am planning a field trip with co-workers to the Shake Shack tomorrow. My question is if we get there at 11:30 how long will it take to order and receive food? And what if we get there at noon?

I have only visited SS on weekends and don't know what the weekday lunch hour lines are like. I am hoping there are a lot of people on vacation this week, so we will get a break.


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  1. 11:30 will be alot better than noon. Weekdays can be pretty bad around that time with the lunch crowd from all the businesses in the area.

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    1. re: Mazzer how long before we get our hour?

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        Check out the cam if you are close by or have wifi capability.

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          at that time, it should be about a 10-15 minute wait to order and once your order is placed, another 5-10 minutes till your order is ready. Maybe better-maybe worst. but being there at 1130 is good.

      2. OK, so I just got back. At 12:15 the line was about 10 minutes long and once we ordered we waited only 5 minutes. So happy about that!!!

        The Shack Shack burger, as usual was outstanding......the fries were a bit overdone, but salty and hot and brought me back to my childhood days frequenting Friendly's (same fries that they used to have here years ago)

        Onto the Concrete...this was the first time I have had one here and it was delish.....we shared the peanut butter custard with choco chips and salted nuts. Amazing!

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          I was planning a special trip tonight to try the peanut butter chocolate chip custard. Thanks for your report!