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Aug 23, 2006 01:21 AM

Friday lunch at Galatoires

I plan to experience Friday lunch at Galatoires soon. I understand that one must wait in line before they open in order to get a seat downstairs. What time should I plan to get in the line? Also, what is the attire at lunch? Any recommendations on what to order?

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  1. I would arrive by 11:30. You probably won't have to waint long.

    Men must wear a jacket, although they will provide you with one.

    What to order? Start with with a Sazerac to sip. Then get some souffle potatoes. After that, crabmeat maison and oyster en brochette. For the main, ask the waiter what is good that day.

    One of the wonderful things about Galatoire's is that there is no desire to turn a table. Order as you go. Don't feel rushed. It's quite fun.

    1. Yes to jacket; no to shorts. This probably goes without saying if you were properly raised in New Orleans, but my arm-candy and I ate elsewhere, 'cause we didn't know and he was wearing manpris.'d think we'd have put the jacket/shorts thing together, but you know, it's not the heat, it's the stupidity...

      1. Yes, they won't provide you with pants.

        1. How shorts-sighted of them!

          Seriously, get there at 11:30 and chat up the hostess and/or others who are waiting. Relax, have fun! Worth the wait . . . I should also mention, I suppose, that I have never seen a menu for Friday lunch. Oh, they exist, but we have a regular waiter who just brings out the food . . . and keeps on bringing it until we tell him we're done!

          In the FWIW Dept., the "regular" wine list has always struck me as rather weak, but that's not the kind of place it is -- order a Martini, and we get a whole glass of olives. (I'll have to try their Sazerac next time and see how it measures up.)

          1. This sounds positively decadent (how appropriate for Southern Decadence). I can't wait! Now, a question for you kind responders: I just realized that my plane doesn't get in until 10:45. If I were to arrive at the restaurant at 12:30 or 1:00, would there be no chance of getting in for a late lunch?

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