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Friday lunch at Galatoires

I plan to experience Friday lunch at Galatoires soon. I understand that one must wait in line before they open in order to get a seat downstairs. What time should I plan to get in the line? Also, what is the attire at lunch? Any recommendations on what to order?

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  1. I would arrive by 11:30. You probably won't have to waint long.

    Men must wear a jacket, although they will provide you with one.

    What to order? Start with with a Sazerac to sip. Then get some souffle potatoes. After that, crabmeat maison and oyster en brochette. For the main, ask the waiter what is good that day.

    One of the wonderful things about Galatoire's is that there is no desire to turn a table. Order as you go. Don't feel rushed. It's quite fun.

    1. Yes to jacket; no to shorts. This probably goes without saying if you were properly raised in New Orleans, but my arm-candy and I ate elsewhere, 'cause we didn't know and he was wearing manpris.
      ...you'd think we'd have put the jacket/shorts thing together, but you know, it's not the heat, it's the stupidity...

      1. Yes, they won't provide you with pants.

        1. How shorts-sighted of them!

          Seriously, get there at 11:30 and chat up the hostess and/or others who are waiting. Relax, have fun! Worth the wait . . . I should also mention, I suppose, that I have never seen a menu for Friday lunch. Oh, they exist, but we have a regular waiter who just brings out the food . . . and keeps on bringing it until we tell him we're done!

          In the FWIW Dept., the "regular" wine list has always struck me as rather weak, but that's not the kind of place it is -- order a Martini, and we get a whole glass of olives. (I'll have to try their Sazerac next time and see how it measures up.)

          1. This sounds positively decadent (how appropriate for Southern Decadence). I can't wait! Now, a question for you kind responders: I just realized that my plane doesn't get in until 10:45. If I were to arrive at the restaurant at 12:30 or 1:00, would there be no chance of getting in for a late lunch?

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            1. Dress up -- this is a special place. Put yourselves at the mercy of your waiter: tell him what you like/don't like and let him guide you. That said, make sure that you have the brabant potatoes!

              Talk to the people at adjoining tables and ask what they recommend. This is a very friendly city, and the locals are very happy (and these days, grateful) to have you spending money down there.

              Take the Katrina bus tour.

              1. We dined at Galatoire's a couple of Fridays ago. What a blast - the locals were so friendly . Make sure you have the crabmeat maison and oyster en brochette - wonderful!!This was a 3 hour lunch for us. Make sure you pace yourself. And ask for John to be your waiter. This was one of the most enjoyable dining experiences we have ever had!

                1. Dining at Galatoire's, especially for Friday lunch, is a very leisurely, wonderful experience, and takes 3-4 hours or longer. So, do not go immediately from one course to the next. Enjoy good conversation and sip on your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage between courses. Also, for some of the courses, share with the others in your party.

                  Here is what I recommend for first-time guests at Galatoire's:

                  Pommes Souffles and Creole Fried Eggplant (share with the others in your party).

                  Grand Goute - oysters en brochette, crabmeat maison, shrimp maison, and shrimp remoulade (share with the others in your party).

                  Goudchaux Salad (share with the others in your party).

                  Cup of Turtle Soup.

                  Trout Meuniere Amandine.

                  Brabant Potatoes (share with others in your party).

                  Creamed Spinach (share with the others in your party).

                  Broiled Eggplant (share with the others in your party).

                  Bread Pudding with Banana Praline Sauce (share with the others in your party).

                  Cafe Brulot-although this is traditionally a winter after-dinner drink, if you have never had it, you really should try it.


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                    Thanks to everyone for your helpful suggestions. My friend and I had a fantastic lunch at Galatoires. We arrived just a little too late for the first seating downstairs,and although I was disappointed about easting upstairs, it turned out to be a great experience. Our waiter was a young man, Joey, who was ably assisted by Betsy. Joey had all kinds of great suggestions (who would have thought to dip the fried eggplant in powdered sugar -- but we loved it). So we split the soufle potatoes and fried eggplant and fried oysters (I must confess, I had never eaten oysters in my life, but I will definitely eat them again). I had sauteed trout topped with crabmeat, and my friend had pompano topped with crabmeat. Both fish were perfectly cooked. I was suprised at how firm and substantial the trout was -- I'm used to eating a more delicate variety. We enjoyed quite a few cocktails (I think I had 4 cosmpolitans, but I lost count -- sign of a good time). We were there at least 2.5 hours. It was a memorable experience. Thanks again, fellow chowhounds, for your help. Oh, by the way, jackets are NOT required at lunch (except on Sunday).

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                      Just so you know, the trout you had was speckled trout from the Gulf of Mexico. Not a true trout such as the more delicate rainbow trout, but more like a seabass. My father fished for speckled trout off the Louisiana coast many years ago.

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                        Thanks for that info. It was delicious, but as you said, it didn't seem like the trout that I'm used to. But I would order it again in a heartbeat!

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                        Aside from all the wonderful food & libations, you now have a great "my first oyster story"...