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Aug 23, 2006 12:57 AM

7 train

Taking 7 train tomorow to go to tennis center from Grand Central. Want to get off on way for good ethnic place for lunch. Sandwich, empanadas etc. Already been to Sripraphi want to try something new. Open to anything. I have done a search already.... so help me out. Thanks

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  1. Tacos! At Taqueria Coatzingo on Roosevelt Ave at 76th St.
    I get the guacamole on the side ("aparte").

    Link to an older menu:

    1. Looks good, will try it tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

      1. Here's an update from a previous post from a few years ago:

        Vernon/Jackson-Hunter's Point -- Tournesol, 5-Star Punjabi,

        Courthouse Square--Jackson Steakhouse, Manducatti's, Manetta's

        Queensborough Plaza -- umm, dunno

        33rd St -- not a whole lot actually

        40th St -- Hemsin, Tangra Fusion Cuisine (Indian-Chinese), Mavi (or whatever it's called now), Butcher Block, Shin Chon, Natural Tofu, El Shatar

        46th St -- Grey Point Thai, Rincon Azteca, El Jarro, Alpha Donuts, Mangal Kabab,

        52nd St -- Warteg Fortuna, La Flor, various Ecuadorian joints

        61st St -- Khao Homm, Donovan's, Sripraphai, Tierras Mexicanas, Braulio & Familia, La Hacienda, Sapori d'Ischia, Peking Chicken, Lourdess Filipino, Fiesta Latina (Peruvian), Izalco

        69th St -- Speengar Afgan, Perlas Ng Silangan, Krystal's, Ihawan, Renee's Kitchen, Sally's, El Sitio, JC & Family, Spicy Mina, Chu Ying,

        74th St/Broadway -- Rice Ave Thai, Kabab King, Himilayan Yak, Delhi Palace, Maharaja Sweets, Rasa Sayang Malaysian, Poblano, Taqueria Coatzingo, La Porteña, Shahi Snacks, Ashoka, Dimple, Miracali Bakery, Los Arrieros, Hornado Ecuatoriano, Kababish, Zabb, Upi Jaya,

        82nd St -- Arunee Thai, Meson Asturias, Tulcingo, Arepa lady (fri/sat nights), Hornado Ecuatoriano 2, La Boina Roja, La Fusta, Tierras Colombianas, Le Pequeña Colombia, Chivito d'Oro, Las Americas bakery, La Picada Azuaya, Inti Raymi, La Nueva bakery

        90th St/Elmhurst Ave -- Casa de Pollo Peruano, Plaza Garibaldi, Buenos Aires bakery, Tacos Mexico, Tacos Suadero

        Junction Blvd -- La Espiga 2, Rincon Criollo, La Tenampa, Tulcingo Deli, Bajo el Puente, El Conquistador,

        103rd St -- Casa de Pollo Peruano 2, Leo's Latticini, Las Delicias Peruana, La Espiga, Pollo Campero, La Pollada de Laura (a bit of a hike)

        111th St -- not sure

        Willits Point/Shea Stadium -- Go Mets!

        Main Street/Flushing -- too many places to mention. Search.

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        1. re: E Eto

          Great summary. I thought I'd fill some blanks:

          Queensborough Plaza -- Haven't been myself, but FilmChefs gets high praise here and there is also Bulgara within walking distance.

          33rd St -- there is a dominican diner in front of MoMA QNS.

          111st -- around there, Northern blvd. gets really close to Roosevelt ave. so it's pretty walkable from the 7 train. I only know Green Field, but hounds more familiar with Corona may add to the list.

          1. re: welle

            FilmChefs (which was primarily a sandwich shop) has closed. The chef is focusing on his catering business, but you can still occasionally get his stuff at Socrates Sculpture Park for special events.

            And yes, Bulgara's not too far from Queensboro, and it's pretty respectable Bulgarian food.

            1. re: Harlan

              How sad! I've been meaning to go, but they had such short hours. Wonder who's catering tonight's Outdoor cinema at the Socrates Park. It's the last one for the season.

              1. re: Harlan

                Where is Bulgara exactly (or approximately) and what sort of place is it, in addition to being bulgarian of course?

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Bulgarian food - you can read Sietsema's review here:

                  Their website had good subway directions, but it's now under construction:

              2. re: welle

                La Salon Familiar, Northern Blvd & 100th Street, Dominican Diner

              3. re: E Eto

                Speengar is closed.
                Warteg Fortuna might be closed (I recently saw a For Sale sign).

                1. re: E Eto

                  El Sitio, 68-20 Roosevelt
                  Pio Pio, 84-15 Northern Blvd.

                  1. re: E Eto

                    Great list! I'd also add the taco truck, El Rey de Oro, under the 52nd Street station at night - from about 8pm or so til late. Get the taco al pastor - marvelous - carnitas is good too.

                  2. There are also some new spots open right around the 74th St/Jackson Heights stop. You can check them out here:


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                    1. re: jennsch

                      yes, would also like to add:

                      vernon/jackson ave: cafe henri, bella via, brasil coffee house, lounge 47

                      40th st: taco truck on southside QB & 41st st during the night

                      46th st: el jarro = de mole

                      74th st: jackson diner (love it or hate it), unidentified flying chicken

                      82nd st: the arepa lady late at night on the weekends

                    2. Look for the pig cart man! Check out the Jackson Heights street food article. Also, grab an arepa on the way back from the Arepa Lady if it's a Fri or Sat and you're leaving very late. Oh and if it's a weekend then Pollo Gus has nice Ecuadorian stews at a good price. THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING BULGARA! I MUST TRY IT!