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Aug 23, 2006 12:55 AM

3 dinners in Ottawa

Right now I'm considering Beckta, Domus, Black Cat Cafe, Sweetgrass and Azteca for my 3 dinners in Ottawa next week....are there any other restaurants that chowhounds think I should consider? Which would be your top 3 choices?

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    1. You could look at Luxe Bistro and Social for good alternatives also

      1. Of your listed choices Beckta and Sweetgrass stand out for me, for different reasons. Domus is also very good. Beckta is currently the hot spot here so you should call to see whether you can get a reservation for while you are in town. The matching of the food and wine is excellent, and second to none. I love Sweetgrass for the selection of game meats, the service (which has always been friendly and enthusiastic, without being off-putting) and the popcorn to "nosh" on while browsing the menu.

        Other options: 222 Lyon for tapas, Les Fougeres in Chelsea for fantastic regional cuisine in a great setting and and Sans Pareil (Belgian) in Gatineau for the best mussels and fries in town. Also, Sans Pareil was doing a tasting menu, which they used to call a "Surprise Table d'Hote", long before it was the norm.

        Enjoy and be sure to report back.

        1. How was your meal? Where did you go? Would love to hear your comments.

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            I want to thank all of you for your suggestions....I didn't end up getting a chance to try most of them...but next time I'm in Ottawa, I will try to squeeze in a meal at Beckta & Sans Pareil...

            On Monday night, we ended up at Domus...
            I ordered the warm aubergine salad with prosciutto, followed by the panfried wild arctic char with swiss chard, corn and wild rice. Perfectly cooked. Beautiful dessert- a Napoleon filled with raspberries and an espresso mousse. Other dishes that were ordered at the table, included a chilled muskmelon soup, a cauliflower soup with parmiggiano, a heritage tomato salad with chevre, duck magret, wild Pacific halibut with ratatouille and AB beef....everyone was satisfied with what they ordered. It came to just over $425 for 5 of us....

            Tuesday night, we decided to try Don Alfonso for tapas....friendly service but mediocre food....the tortilla was tasty and the smelts were good, but I really didn't enjoy the rest of the dishes we ordered....(chef's salad (essentially romaine salad with egg and shrimp) the sauteed calamari, the frogs' legs, the snails, the mussels with spicy sauce, the mushrooms) Guess we should have tried 222 Lyon....I looked up the Spanish section in the phone book and only saw the listing for Don Alfonso- when we got back to the hotel, I turned the page and saw 222 Lyon at the top of the next page.

            Wed lunch, we ended up trying Dalmacia on Carling. The dumpling soup was great, and the cabbage rolls were delicious. Raznice and Cevapcici were also good. Really enjoyed the palaschinka with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Decent strudel, too. Lunch for 3- around $45

            We ended up having dinner at at friend's home on Wed we didn't end up trying a third restaurant for dinner.

            We had a mediocre breakfast at the Sheraton this morning.... The continental buffet was $14- nice selection of pastries, cheeses, smoked salmon, a good fruit salad, etc, but I was disappointed that the bagel I toasted tasted a day old...the hot buffet didn't look like it was worth the extra 3 quiches, sausage, bacon, eggs and hash brown patties.

            Those of you who live in Ottawa are lucky right now...your strawberries and raspberries are in much better condition than any that I've seen in Toronto over the last 2 months....the ones for sale at the Byward Market, as well as the berries in my desserts at Domus, Dalmacia and in the fruit salad at the Sheraton's breakfast buffet were amazing!

          2. You have to go to Julians. I'm afraid I don't know where it's located exactly. When I go, I have meetings in Kanata and it's about 15 -20 minutes from there. They not only have awesome food, but there are 14-15 vegetables on the plate. It's amazing. There is a chef just for the vegetables. You must go there.