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Asian Cafe Express in Mesa

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Has anyone out there tried it? What's the scoop?

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  1. been a couple times. excellent noodle soups and very cheap! i got the wonton noodle soup and it was as good as anywhere i've had in the valley.

    1. I've been 4 times, 3 times take out. I keep trying to like the place, but except for the black bean sauces and the prices, I can't. I have NOT tried the soups, but the noodle dishes are good, but not great. I just can't justify this place over Hong Kong Gourmet, only 1 mile away and slightly more expensive.

      1. hong kong gourmet buffet? like the one in ahwatukee?

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          No. NW corner of Dobson & Southern. Hard to see from the street, but worth looking for.

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            Do you mean Best Hong Kong Dining? They do have some excellent noodle dishes.

        2. That's great to know. I love Hong Kong Gourmet....anyplace with a whole page of lobster dishes really works for me. Sounds like the soups might be worth a try at the Asian Cafe. Thanks for the replies

          1. I've been there a few times and they're good if you're in the neighborhood, but I wouldn't go out of my way for the place.

            1. My boyfriend and I went to Asian Cafe Express a few months ago..

              Both agreed we wouldn't go again.

              I lived in Hong Kong for 2 years and trust me..the food was nothing like you would get in Hong Kong.

              I got some sort of rice dish..the rice was all dried out and not very tasty..

              good thing it was cheap.

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                I understand it is probably not as good as Hong Kong. But where in the Phoenix/Mesa area, have you had better chinese food? Specifically noodle soups? Let me know, because I will be the first to try them out.

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                  Michael Leung is actually a well written up chef from Hong Kong. If you want something authentic, talk to him to prepare something for you. You have to remember the majority of his patrons are from the area, if he made the food for Asian taste, people will stop going there. His basic menu is pretty homogenized for the local taste.

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                    I love Asian Cafe Express. Sorry that some people didn't have the same great food experience there. I first went with a Cantonese speaker who had a pretty extensive conversation with the chef's wife(?) behind the counter and the food we had was really awesome...and quite different than the Panda express like dishes that I saw other people ordered on their table. I think the key is to speak to the owners and just ask them for authentic stuff that they would eat themselves.