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Aug 23, 2006 12:42 AM

Fresh figs in Phoenix?

Any idea where I can pick some up?

Struck out at the downtown market.

Struck out at the Chandler's Sprouts.

Struck out at LGO(wasn't expecting them there really but did read over the grocery board just in case)

Struck out today at AJ's in Chandler. they told me they've been tryign to get some....

I love love love figs. Grew up with a tree and also near a fig farm. Then moved the NW where they're hard to find and went into serious withdrawal. Thought I'd find a good local source when I moved to AZ but so far no luck... Have been finding them in season at costco the last few seasons but so far not this year....

Anybody seen any around town? Please help this fig lover out! :)

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  1. i was tickled to find them at trader joes, for i too, have a love affair with figs.

    i was disappointed when i got home that all but a few were a bit past their prime, but my bad for not really examining them the way you would strawberries and looking for a good box.

    1. Apparently you just have to whine enough as I did happen across some at the Chandler Costco today! Around $6 for 24....packaged in the same thign they package the apples in so they were protected from bruising. Not bad figs either....could be a bit sweeter but better than most found at a grocery store.

      Still would love to find a farm fresh source or u-pick source if something existed in the area...but for now I'll enjoy the two packages I picked up this afternoon...mmmm

      1. I had a fig tree but planted it in the wrong place and it struggled for 2 years and died. It was in an area where my pool filter drains backwash, so it never was happy. That said, and I hope I don't sound flippant, but do you know of any fig tree owners in your neighborhood? My tree was only a few feet tall but still produced a number of figs throughout the year. After morning walks around the neighborhood (near Papago Park), I've noticed many homes with giant, sprawling fig trees.

        I'm not suggesting any midnight raids, but most homes can't keep up with the bounty of a decent fruit tree. My immediate neighbors and those who walk by in the mornings and evenings have been invited to take whatever they'd like from my orange and nectarine trees... and most do. Due to plantings, I'll soon have peaches, nuts, grapes, lemons and limes to give away as well. I'd love to grow blood oranges, grapefruits, apples and pomegranates and another fig (all can do well in PHX), but alas I have no room for more trees.

        I'm simply throwing out the idea that there might be a tree or two in the vicinity whose owners might be happy to let you snare a few with their blessing. You can't get more fresh than "just picked" and you can't go wrong with free. Don't be afraid to ask... I'd be thrilled if someone wanted 90% of my oranges. Otherwise they fall to the ground and I have to clean them up... and I do... for months!

        1. None my neighbors have one that I know of...i've asked around and spied where i could...I share my citrus(grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime) so i'm sure they'd be happy to share back if I could find a neighborhood tree...

          My sister had a friend that bought a house with an OLD fig tree. We were SO EXCITED! and told them we'd be happy to harvest for them...but they took it down! :( We were very sad.

          I've been tempted to plant one, I think I have room for one more tree in the yard...Husband keeps making noise about the mess we'd have from the birds though but I'm thinking the bird chasing greyhounds would help with problem....

          If anyone knows anyone with a fig tree that wants harvesting in the Chandler area...let me know! :)

          in the meantime we enjoyed our fig and proscuitto risotto for dinner with our costco figs...mmmm

          1. I saw fresh mission figs at the Whole Foods at Tatum & Shea today.