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Aug 22, 2006 11:38 PM

Cuban sammich?

Where can one get a real Cuban in the Bay Area?

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  1. Not sure about "real" - I've not been to Cuba, and only went throught the airport in Miami....but I had one last week at Myth Cafe and it was bery bery good.
    Also had good one in the past at Acme steak house.
    Now I want one.....

    1. Places you might try:

      Laurel's (Cuban-owned)

      Los Flamingos (part-Cuban family, Mexican & Cuban dishes on menu)

      El Nuevo Fruitilandia (started by Cubans, sold to Puerto Ricans)

      La Taza de Cafe, Oakland (Cuban-owned)

      1. Not authentic but Delessio has a great one...
        Lo Cubano in Laurel Village is yummy. :-)

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          DeLessio's is good.

          Lo Cubano I found very annoying. It's a prototype for a corporate chain, sort of like a cross between Starbuck's and Chipotle.

        2. My Cubano (husband, not the sandwich) has probably never eaten the kind of cubanos that you get in Miami. But he really loves the cubaniche sandwich at 900 Grayson in Berkeley (7th or maybe itis 6th there and Grayson). He loves it.

          We love the restaurant in general. Only open for breakfast and lunch now, but I think dinner will be served soon. Don't miss the herb fries. Everything we have had there has been superb.

          1. I really like the Cubano at Sol Food is downtown San Rafael (corner of 4th & Lincoln), a tiny place with great atmosphere and good, interesting Puerto Rican food (and the Cubano). I saved this from an earlier posting: "I and many others consider Sol Food in San Rafael to be the best Cubano sandwich ever!"