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Aug 22, 2006 11:30 PM

Meafloaf in Santa Monica

I have a friend coming for dinner to Santa Monica on Sunday. He loves meatloaf. Is there any place other than the Broadway Deli which has gotten a bit tired.


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  1. Depending on the day, bay cities probably makes a mean loaf.

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      I believe that meatloaf is available daily at Bay Cities, and is their hot food special once or twice a week. Little wait for the hot food as there is for the sandwiches. Closely akin are their fine meatballs.

    2. I had very good meatloaf at Kate Mantilini on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. It is not in Santa Monica, the the meatloaf was great!

      1. The Sawtelle Kitchen has excellent meatloaf.

        1. The most "wicked" Meatloaf in LA used to be at 72 Market St, Venice. Long since closed but they have a Cookbook (Roland Gibert(sp?), chef) and the Meatloaf recipe is available.