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Aug 22, 2006 11:26 PM

EDINA MINNESOTA: any feedback on Edina Grill??

has anyone tried the crab cake benedict??

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  1. Yep. As a breakfast dish it is good to above average, even though the hollandaise seems to be missing something. (Note that the Edina, Longfellow and Highland Grills do serve their breakfast menus all day. Longfellow and Highland do not promise hollandaise availability after a certain hour, and I imagine that Edina does the same.)

    I like the crisp crust on the accompanying hashbrowns, though I usually realize too late that I've eaten my monthly allotment of diner breakfast cholesterol.

    1. The Edina Grill is probably our most regular breakfast place. It's very kid-friendly, but I've never been too bothered by kids when I go there without them. I have not tried the crab cake benedict, though.

      My latest find on the menu there is their grilled, steel cut oats. The oats are grilled so they are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. It's served with a spiced fruit compote and heavy cream (both of which you can get on the side). I like to think that it's a pretty healthy meal if you don't use the cream and go easy on the compote.

      Overall, I think their breakfasts are about as good as you'll find absent a white tablecloth.

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