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Aug 22, 2006 11:09 PM

Vegas dinner for young budget couple

I am looking for a good spot for a younger couple to dine in vegas. Im not looking to spend over 100$ for 2 people. I enjoy well made food and interesting spaces, and i hate boring generic/corporate resturants. I tried chinois last time and was happy with that, but Im looking for a new experience. Not looking for style over substance, but we dont mind progressive resturants as long as the food is good.thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. 3 spots off the strip. thai-Lotus of Siam on Sahara. The only thai in LV that compares to LA. Don't be turned off by low rent location, small but very nice inside. tapas- FireFly.
    seafood- the oyster bar (w/tables) at the new Red Rock casino.

    1. Consider Rosemary's, as well, which has received many favorable comments on this board. I believe they have tasting menus that would fit your budget, or you could just go a la carte. I think the key to affordable dining in Vegas is to move away from the Strip. There are a surprising number of very good restaurants in that town, and many are very affordable with interesting ethnic choices.