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Aug 22, 2006 10:56 PM

Best Red Sauce Italian?

Sometimes I just have to go red sauce...pref for Manhattan but might be open to Queens or Brooklyn- Thanks!

(If they have spumoni that is a plus)

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  1. I so agree with you.'s a list. John's on E. 12th is probably the best in Manhattan. Gene's on W. 11th is also really good. V & T in Morningside Heights has great eggplant parm. In Brooklyn, Garigiulo's used to be really good, but I've heard it's slipped. Deballe's in Bensonhurst is awesome, and for Spumoni, you gotta hit L & B. A lot of people forget that they have a restaurant next to the pizzeria.

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      Forget about Queens or Brooklyn and head straight to Mario's on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

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        ...or cross the street to Dominick's.

    2. Little Charlies Clam Bar on Kenmare between Elizabeth and Bowery.

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        I have going been to Little Charlies for 25 years. I grew up with one of the old time waiters' sons. It is still the best red "gravy" I have ever had but the rest of the food has really gone down hill. We ate there a few days ago for my birthday and I was really disappointed with the fried calamari and shrimp (it tasted like the oil it was fried in had gone bad). The broccoli rabe with sausages didn't have those golden garlic slices that it used to have (the garlic tasted almost raw). The mixed seafood salad was also a big let down. I had stayed away for awhile when the old man stopped being there and now the food (except for the red sauce) is not half as good as it used to be. And the prices are really high not just in line with inflation and really not worth it.

      2. Parkside in Corona Queens is very good...