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Aug 22, 2006 10:33 PM

Little Saigon

I'll be in the LA area for a couple of days and I'm meeting some friends tomorrow evening; we're planning to go to Little Saigon. None of us have been there for years and I know we'll find something good to eat no matter where we end up, but does anyone have any particular favorites?

Sarah C

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  1. Quan Hy (9727 Bolsa Ave.) is more upscale Vietnamese with great banh beo (rice cakes with shrimp) -- it's really Hue-style food which isn't so common.

    For banh mi (French sandwiches) go to Banh Mi Che Cali at Bolsa and Magnolia; send the most physically imposing person in to do the ordering -- they'll be noticed more quickly and served sooner, because there's not so much a line for the counter as a scrum.

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      Quan Hy, absolutely! One of my favorites. Brodard's a standby, Thanh My is usually solid, and either Seafood Cove or Newport Seafood for Viet / Chinese. See russkar's recent thread on Newport Seafood. Top Baguette, Banh Mi Che Cali or Banh Mi Cho Cu for Viet sandwiches.

      Pup and I grazed at several places today, a few of which really sucked (Dragon Phoenix for dim sum, and Pho Hoah below it - both absolute disasters for food and service). Goes to show there's plenty of tailings in a restaurant goldmine like Little Saigon.

    2. There are many restaurants in Little Saigon, but most of them are routine. The most with the most interesting menu imho is Thanh My on Bolsa.

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        However, if you're thinking you want some eel, call ahead. They're always out of it if you don't.

      2. Good question. One I've always meant to ask. I go to the Boiling Crab a lot for shrimp and crawfish but I'm always looking out for a good Vietnamese style French pastry shop for desert.

        Maybe someone can recommend a place for cream puffs?

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          I recommend buying the vanilla cream-filled frozen ones at TJ's. They come in a pack of about 20-30; pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds, and they're good to eat.

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            Have you been to Beard Papa's yet? They have an LA location are supposed to be really good! My last visit to LA I didnt find the time to get down there.

            Good luck!

          2. Newport Seafood for House Special Lobster or a Live Alaskian Crab?