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Aug 22, 2006 09:56 PM

Best Stuff for Electric Stoves

What's the best cookware (brands) for electric stoves? My friend asked me a while back and I have no clue. I've got a gas stove (thank the LORD), but the poor guy's suffering with what will work best given his pathetic situation. I welcome your recommendations.

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  1. we have had an electric stove all our life, and revereware works really good. never had a problem with it. i moved out for college, my parents gave me tons of revere cookware, and i'm living in my first apartment 6 years later with a gas stove, and my cookware is definitely suffering. i love cooking on a gas stove, but it seems like the heavier cookware is better for gas, retains heat better than my revereware, the revereware gets too hot, the sides of the pot sizzle when i pour water out of the pot, the pot just gets too hot.

    depending on my next living situation, if it has a gas stove, im going to invest in some good heavy all-clad / caphalon style cookware

    btw, gas cooktops seem to do well with metal handled cookware as my revereware handles gets unbearably hot quick

    1. I just bought a set of anodized cookware from Costco - it is excellent and comparable to the more expensive brands at a frastion of the pric - 14 piece set for $150 - I found it from consumer reports who gave it a best pick rating

      1. Could you please tell us what kind of electric stove this is. If it is the flat-top glass kind, then specific flat-bottom cookware is necessary. If it is the plain coil type, different pots & pans can be used.

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            While Le Creuset is pricey, it is wonderful to use on electric coils for long, slow braises and will last a lifetime. A cast iron skillet also works very well on this stovetop. I found Caphalon to work well also, but this is another pricey choice. If your friend is equipping a new kitchen, I'd suggest that he go slowly and buy what he needs now -- no guarantee this will be the "forever" cooktop.

        1. My BF has the flat-top glass kind, which I HATE HATE HATE...It warps everything lightweight you put on it.(He had stuff like Farberware)...Turns out, he had a bunch of old Descoware (like le Creuset) that he hadn't been using because it was TOO HEAVY...Poor little waif that he is(ha!)...Anyway, this stuff is all I'll use on his stove now. I also bought him a steel flat-bottomed wok (I know, an anethema) that works REALLY well...

          1. We are registered for Calphalon Tri-Ply for our wedding and I was wondering what peoples experiences are on coil type electric stoves? Am I going to ruin a good set of cookware using them on the electric, I have heard stories about warping pans etc. Any reason for concern?