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Aug 22, 2006 09:34 PM

Madison WI report

First, thanks to all who posted regarding the Marigold Kitchen. A great place. We ate there twice, a busy Saturday brunch with chile poached eggs with parma ham and manchego. Sounds like an odd combo, but like everything else there, the flavors really worked. Also the breakfast sandwich, which despite its pedestrian sound was great. Cheddar spike boursin and chopped green onion made it special. On a visit earlier in the week, the grilled chicken salad and a fritatta for lunch. The fritatta had parma ham again and red peppers, large field greens on top, very nice balacne. The salad had gorgonzola and walnuts.

We tried to get into The Old-Fashioned (which doesn't take reservations) but couldn't except for Sunday brunch. The food was good, and made special at brunch by inclusions of items from Saturday's farmers' market. I can't speak to the dinner menu, but there's one thing, be prepared, if you go for dinner, for noise. It was loud even at brunch, with the place not full.

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  1. I have never eaten at Marigold Kitchen although I am still hoping to. A similiar note to Marigold is the owners new digs.. Sardine in Machine Row (Willy St.) and supposedly the menu is just as good or if not better than Marigold Kitchen. I guess this makes 2 places to try in the upcoming months ahead..Happy Eating!