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Aug 22, 2006 09:12 PM

Case of wine for birthday gift: Napa/Sonoma


I could use some help locating a winery in Napa/Sonoma that could ship a case of wine to my friend in San Francisco for his birthday.

Would like to keep the cost around $250 if possible. Any recommendations? Would be interested in one case of the same wine, or a mixed case.

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  1. A lot of wineries can do it, not to mention wine shops that will put together a mixed case of their recommendations. Do you have any idea what type of wine your friend prefers?

    1. If you want to pull together a gift case of selections of a certain style of wine, try a good wine country wine retailer such as Traverso's in Santa Rosa, which has a terrific selection of local hard to get gems and great imports, too.
      (707-542-2530) I shop there regularly. Ask for Michael or Bill. They can make up a gift basket for you with wine glasses, food items, etc.

      A dozen bottles plus shipping for $250 may not get the top quality wines so think about fewer bottles, make them special wines and package them nicely, add glassware, etc.

      1. Enquire at - I chanced upon this place during a Napa trip a few months back. They have many expensive wines for less than retail because they have wineries dropping off their end cases (not just Napa wineries tho - they have a mean selection of Central Coast wines and imported ones too). Their suggestions based on what I told them I liked were spot on. I got my mixed half-case in person, (so no shipping) but it came around $90 or so. Do remember though, that not all wines are offered at a bargain but you are guaranteed to find something to your friend's liking if you know what he/she likes.