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Aug 22, 2006 09:06 PM

Day laborer friendly taco trucks in SM - any reports?

I work near the day laborer haven of 11th Street in Santa Monica. There are two taco trucks that regularly camp in this area and seem exclusively frequented by the folks looking to make a living an hour or two at a time - a mariscos truck on 11th itself and a smaller taco/tortas truck that is often on Colorado between 10th and 11th.

Any reports on these places? Does the target clientele mean anything for quality?

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  1. The truck that says Mariscos La Hamecla is very very good. I have there seafood two to three times a week. I have also had there chicken tacos and carnitas tacos which are also excellent. They don't have a menu so you have to just feel it out a little and order something you already know.. burrito... taco.. tostada... The seafood is called ceviche and comes on tostadas, or you can get a mixed seafood dish that also comes with tostadas.

    I have only had food from one of the other trucks once. It had something about Mustang in the name and it was awful. I couldn't even finish my food. So my recommendation is to try on the one that says Mariscos that usually parks on 11th between Olympic and Colorado. Oh yeah, in my opinion its much better than Tacos Por Favor too.

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      I radomly had two shrimp ceviche tostadas yesterday and they were amazing. Fresh with lots of lime, a kick of spice, avacado and LOTS of flavor. Seemed very fresh. Does anyone know where this trucks schedual is? I need to go back!