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Aug 22, 2006 09:04 PM

RW Eclano - Nicely Done

I've been wanting to check out Eclano since Limster's post put it on my radar a while ago, and we decided to head over to the North End last night since it was so nice out. We were greeted by the friendly owner, Caterina, and made to feel instantly welcomed. We were seated at a nice table by the window, and she suggested a Gavi that wasn't on the wine list, but was just what we were looking for. A nice touch - she brought each of us a glass to taste, and when we approved, she returned with two new glasses and the bottle, and later when we had a second, again brought two new wine glasses. I really appreciated that attention to detail. Slices of warm focaccia were brought out with a spicy eggplant spread. The RW menu they are doing is great - all are dishes from the current menu. I'm not a dessert person and I REALLY liked that the three-course options consisted of a choice from appetizers, pasta, and secondi (though they would switch one out for dessert if you wanted). We started with the spicy tuna tartar - fresh tuna with a nice heat to it - and the semolina gnocchi - a single large creamy gnocchi surrounded by a pool of tasty marinara (there are pictures of both at the link below). All the pastas are made in-house, and E opted for the papardelle with smoked-tomato bolognese while I had the Scialatelli with clams - thick chewy strands of pasta tossed with garlic, tomatoes, and white wine, and garnished with sweet manila clams in their shells. E had the pork tenderloin - cooked perfectly, pink and juicy, served with fresh figs and grilled baby zucchini and carrots. I had the fish of the day - last night it was a delicious wild salmon in a sesame seed crust with a citrus sauce. By the time we left at about 8:15, Eclano was pretty full. I thought they did a great job with RW -lots of choices and generous portions; in fact, it's the first time I've ever brought home left-overs! They are also extending the RW menu until the end of the month - it's a great deal, and we'll definitely be back to Eclano sometime to try their regular menu.


Semolina Gnocchi with tomato, basil, and crispy Parmigiano
Spicy tuna tartare, citrus dressing and potato crocante
Spinach salad with toasted hazelnuts, goat cheese and a warm pancetta dressing
Fresh imported buffala mozzarella and vine ripe tomatoes drizzled with basil oil

Ciro’s handmade Scialatelli, manilla clams, roasted tomatoes, fresh parsley and white wine
Porcini gnocchi, fresh asparagus and gorgonzola
Hand cut Pappardelle with a house smoked tomato Bolognese ragu
Rigatoni gigante with fresh tomato and basil

Pan seared chicken breast with lemon and rosemary
Fish preparation changes on a daily basis
Charred rack of lamb with parsley crust and a herbed butter glaze
Pork tenderloin seared and served with fig reduction


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  1. Hi

    Thanks for the great review.I will certainly be adding this place to my list of restaurants I want to try. It sounds wonderful but think I will wait until RW is over.

    1. I tried Eclano's, just before restaurant week, and loved it. We started with an appetizer of rabbit sausage followed with ravioli stuffed with calamari and spinach that was topped with a light sauce and jumbo shrimp. My friend had the tenderloin steak and he was not sharing!!
      Another new place in the North End you might enjoy is La Galleria 33 on Salem St. They've been open about a month. I've heard that their stuffed calamari is incredible, but I enjoyed the veal and spinach canneloni while my friend very much enjoyed the veal chop. It would be a tough choice between these two restaurants!

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      1. re: Pegmeister

        La Galleria 33 is another one on my list because of you (and BostonBob) and CH - looking forward to checking that out. Thanks! And also how is the La Brace? It's tough now with such great restaurants in the North End, and then hitting our favorites too - thank goodness we're in the neighborhood....

      2. As Pegmeister said, both Eclano and La Galleria 33 are notable new North End eateries. I like them both very much.

        BTW, Pegmeister, you say your friend wouldn't share his steak. What about you and that rabbit sausage???