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Aug 22, 2006 07:29 PM

Whats the best fancy place to eat in Tupelo, MS?

I am planning to take someone special there in Tupelo...and was wondering if anyone knew of any really good fancy places in Tupelo,MS?
Thank is advance,

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  1. How fancy do you want? We just had a great meal at Harvey's, which has a Houston's, J Alexander interior and really fine fish, steaks, mesquite-grilled items and a decent or at least acceptable, if not superb, wine list. Our server was outstanding, and we found the prices pleasantly surprising (coming from Nashville, where prices have crept up and up over the last couple of years). I'ts on North Gloster.

    1. i know this is way late, but Park Heights is great. very upscale for tupelo.

      Harvey's, the fair park grill and park heights are all owned by the same company called eat with us. and it goes in that order of being nice. park heights being the best.

      There is a new place called La Famiglia which is great. They are still getting all the kinks worked from being the new kid on the block but the food is to die for.

      1. Have you eaten at The Bistro on Main? It's downtown and in an alley between Spring and Broadway. I like all the other restaurants previously mentioned, but the Bistro is the way to go if you want to impress your someone special in Tupelo. And, if you are craving something (shrimp ceviche, scallops, etc.) call ahead and the chef/owner will make it for you. The price is a little more than the average Tupelo ticket, but you can't beat the food, atmosphere and customer service.

        Full disclosure: I cover businesses and restaurants for the local paper. I don't cover food but I'm a foodie at heart. My editor and I routinely write about new restaurants on our blog ( We don't have anywhere near the foodie angle that's here on Chow, but we do focus on NeMiss. You might find it helpful in your search.