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Desperate for good sushi

Hi everyone- new to Chowhound. My purpose was to see what suggestions people have regarding sushi in the Philly area. Seems like I've visited all of the reccomended places from friends, (even went across the river), but none have quite been the experience I was hoping for. Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried Mikado in Cherry Hill?

    1. If anyone knows any good places around the Carlisle area, I would appreciate it as well.

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        Sapporo East in Mechanicsburg is the only sushi place in Central PA I found that was good. For other food, I like California cafe - a little too whimsical sometimes, but I've had plenty of great food there.

      2. It would be helpful if you would tell us where you have gone and what you found lacking in each spot.

        1. Kater- so specifically, Genji- mediocre, not crazy about the rice. Sagami- very good- but not so creative. Shiroi Hana- good, but not spectacular. I am looking for the kind of place with melt-in-your mouth sashimi- (you know what I mean... no tearing at the fish) A place that is creative, hip, with quality fish. I have heard good things about Raw, but have yet to try it.

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            Morimoto seems to be the place to go for what you desire, hopefully price is not a concern. Raw for inventiveness, but I have yet to go so I can't comment on quality but have heard good things.

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              I agree that Morimoto is the way to go in Philly if what you're looking for in your sushi is fish that melts.

              If you are concerned about the cost, I would recommend going and sitting in the bar, and just ordering the lowest-level sushi platter ($30 the last time I was there). It's more than enough food for an entire meal (I could be full if I split it with a friend, but I'm a 20-something girl). Morimoto gets obscenely expensive if you start ordering a whole multiple-course meal, but if sushi is all you want, I think $30 for a huge plate of really excellent sushi isn't so unreasonable.

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              Personally I like Morimoto the best and I also am very fond of Hikaru in Manyunk. Bluefin is close to home for me and I think the quality is quite good. It is Korean owned, which I know turns some people off, but I think that they are a good source for buttery sashimi.

              Morimoto also does this amazing oyster app with foie gras that you might like to try. It is excellent!

              Oh, and I noticed that several people on the boards like Kisso, but I want to tell you that I think the fish quality is mediocre. Get maki if you go there!

            3. Is Bluefin in Plymouth meeting really THAT good? People have said that it blows Morimoto away. If so, I will have to check it out as it is very close to where I live.


              1. I've been to bluefin twice. I liked it; didn't love it. There menu just seems so....limited. They have a bunch of "fancy" rolls, but if I just wanted to get some regular rolls alacarte, the pickings were slim. If I am getting sushi in the suburbs, I go to Hana in Wayne; if I am going "downtown", I head over the bridge to Sagami -- maybe that's just me. I like it simple (bluefin may be more creative, but they are lacking in selection in the "simple" japanese dishes -- but that maybe more what the original poster was looking for) but sagami and hana just have good melt-in-your mouth fish and all of the "standards". While I think Hana is very good, Sagami is the best i've ever had.

                1. I love Osaka in the suburbs. There is one in Wayne and one in Chestnut Hill. Its my favorite but it may be way out of your way. Good luck

                  1. I have been to 90% of the places listed so far. Some are decent (Raw) and some are not. I live in the city and work in the burbs. I have not found a better place so than Teikoku on Rte 3, just west of Providence Rd in Newtown Square. I know it is a hike for some, but sooooo worth it. Best quality, selection, and creativity of any sushi I have found so far.


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                      you know, I have heard good things about this place, and am not far from it (i live in wayne) -- i may give it a try. Thanks for the rec.

                    2. Teikoku in Rte 3 west near Newtown wins. I've been to many of the above and it is my personal fave. The space is very nice too...

                      1. As a former Sushikazu regular I have found a new spot in Bluefin. Sushikazu just hasn't been the same since Bruce left earlier this year. The quality has not necessarily declined much (but it has declined a bit), but the atmosphere has changed considerably. As someone who will sit at the sushi bar for 2 hours, atmosphere is important to me.

                        That said I have heard a number of good things about Bluefin over the past year or two so I figured I would give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Yong Kim as if I was a regular (which I plan on becoming). The menu does not seem as big as Sushikazu's, however there were a number of specials. Although the menu has only one sashimi dinner, the waitress told me that Yong will prepare an Omakase for any amount so that is what I opted for.

                        Yong asked us if there was anything we wanted or didn't want and we told him that we trusted him to be as creative as he wanted to be. He certainly didn't disappoint us with a number of different creations including a foie gras dish.

                        In addition to the Omakase we had the spicy tuna sundae and a Marlee roll. The spicy tuna sundae was good, but not great. Sushikazu's spicy tuna cocktail (both served in a martini glass) was better. Yong's sundae includes cashews and avocado in addition to spicy tuna and masago. Bruce used the same ingredients in addition to apples and walnuts. Bruce also mixed the ingredients a bit more than Yang.

                        I think it is safe to say that I have found a new sushi spot.

                        1. Liki in Phoenixville is the best!! They are consistently good and have good prices plus they are a byob.

                          1. bluefin is OK to me. nothing to write home about.

                            morimoto is fabulous if you have the dough to spare.

                            my favorite place for sushi on the cheap is tokyo lunch box... i think on chestnut around 18th st. nothing fancy, just good cheap sushi.

                            1. I travel all over the country and eat Sushi everywhere. Hands down the best I've ever had is Kabuki in King of Prussia. It's easy to miss past the mall on the same side of DeKalb Pike, but it's the best.